This game desperately needs a region selector and a solo queue pool

Hey everyone! I’m absolutely loving the halo infinite mp however there are some issues I’m having with it right now the first of which (and the most important) is a region selector because I’m sick of loading into a match seeing I have 150-200+ ping and then needing to leave, it’s bad for me because if I stay I perform extremely bad because of the poor connection and if I go I feel bad for the team I leave behind because now they have to do a 3 v 4, therefore, I’m just ruining their fun, so I would absolutely love to see a region selector implemented I think it would be great for the game and would probably stop a lot of early game quits. Now onto the second issue, this isn’t as important as the region sector but is still quite annoying and that is if I am solo queueing please don’t put me against a full stack of coordinated players it causes my whole team to leave within the first 3 min of the game, and then I’m stuck with a bunch of bots and then if someone else joins the lobby I find a solid 80% of the time they end up leaving after seeing that our team is being dominated, but other than that I’m loving the game. Good job 343 cant wait for the campaign!

EDIT: I think you should still find full stacks of coordinated players in ranked just not quickplay so I would love to see a solo queue options for quickplay not ranked :slight_smile:

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