This game costs now 70$/€???

Sorry not sorry, but I thought this game might cost 60€/$ which would be way too much for a game which only includes the campaign.

Like it’s on the amazon page:
“Werden Sie zur Legende: Die legendäre Halo-Serie kehrt mit der bislang umfangreichsten Master Chief-Kampagne und einem bahnbrechenden kostenlosen Multiplayer-Erlebnis zurück” -german amazon site.
in english:
“Become the legend: The legendary Halo-Series will return with the biggest Master Chief-Campaign and a brandnew free Multiplayer.”

In the description is no trace of forge or co-op [which both will miss at launch, thanks again]. So basically, if I want a real copy of that game or “really” want to own that game I have to pay 70€/$??? Just for a campaign?

Sorry this is the biggest joke I’ve heard.

In all that, the content, which was in every normal Halo game like co-op and forge which was there at release, will not be there and the price is still not justified.

More over I hate it, how everything with marketing and the microtransaction system is ready and the content itself is not there - and no, just skins for weapons or armor is no content, that is just stuff to tell people “hey buy double EXP boosts so that you can get everything in time before the next season starts” - yes, that stuff will never dissapear but still it’s a bad system.

It’s frustrating that - saying it short - you have to pay that much if you really want to own the game.
Of course, you can play the campaign with GamePass but I’m talking about how in general the way, 343/-Yoink!- will go with Halo is the worse.

This may have more something to do with currency conversion rates, as on the Steam page for the U.S. the campaign is still listed for $60. It is also still $60 U.S. on the Microsoft Store as well. In regards to co-op and forge not being there at launch, yes it does hurt the overall value of the campaign. That being said they will both be added for free later on so its not like you have to pay more to access those features. Also Forge looks like it would have been included in the free-to-play section of the game anyways so either way that would have never been included in the campaign purchase regardless. As for paying $60-$70 dollars for only a campaign, consumers do that all the time especially with s many of the Playstation exclusives which are single player only games with no multiplayer. Now of course it remains to be seen whether or not Halo’s campaign will be worth $60 in the same way that a single player PS game is (that is also a matter of personal opinion/preference whether you like Playstation exclusives or not) but saying that spending $60 only for a campaign is a rip off when there are many single player only games out there charging full price that are critically and commercially successful is a little bit extreme.

after a quick google search its still 60$, might be a retailer issue

Also, it’s 10 dollars for it on gamepass. Unless your buying the collectors edition with a statue what is the point in buying the game? You will play the campaign for 1 or 2 months tops so after that you don’t need gamepass. And if it’s just multiplayer well that’s free to play so again buying this game is pointless.

Expensive in Germany ha. It’s £54.99 in the UK on Xbox store.

If you want it digital you can just buy a code for pretty cheap. It’s £43 on ShopTo. Check it’s universal and you can hopefully get that in Deutschland without too much trouble. I’m sure one of your retailers will be similar either way.

People just need to shop around, in the UK we can get digital or disc copy of the game for just over £40 which is $55.

in the US it’s still $60. no idea whats going on there.

also interesting fact; video games today generate significantly less profit now than they did 20 years ago. accounting for inflation games should cost over $100.

It’s still listed as $60 USD in the United States. The “price hike” you’re seeing must be a national or retailer issue.