This game can't be both

I’m just ganna say it. The game either needs to be comepletly casual. Or completely comepetive

I think a lot of the problems over the years can be summed up into one phrase.

“Trying to please them all”.

I think this philosophy is what will drag the game down more than anything else.

You can see it in everything in the game. People say the AR is easy. People say the BR is easy. Need I go on? There are many splits when it comes to the ideas in halo and a lot of it boils down to casual vs comepetive. Games that swing all the way in one direction do well. Because it’s fully fleshed out. Halo infnite just feels like a frankinstien put together. Grapple here. Basic movement there. But then it has pickups and it’s open world but not really open world. It’s just a lot of half stuff that ends up being a shell of what it could be.

Imagine if they devoted their entire time to just the campagin alone. Probably would’ve been far more robust then what we have now. But no. Another split and this time its with multiplayer and campagin with split launches

You get the theme here?

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half baked everything? yeah. but also… i feel like it CAN be both. look at halo Reach, 2:a, and 4. basic movement, simple gameplay. but also competitive. whiles also being fun when doing both. though i feel lik since Reach, halo has been leaning faaar more into being competitive. like with h4 and h5 especially. halo infinite feels very competitive. at least from my experience, there’s no casual aspect of it. aside from pve bots


I think 343 have done a great job balancing it out.

Halo is so many different things to so many people - they were never going to please anyone.

There are arguments both for and against the weapons in Social / Ranked. And most of it is subjective. They pivoted they way they did for solid reasons.

In regards to movement they compromised the best they could with classic vs modern movement by making it equipment pick ups. There will be die hards on both sides of the coin - but I think 343 have done a very good set up for Infinite now and into the future.

And the open world play / set up is fantastic. I really enjoyed (am enjoying) it.

More of the ring will be opened up to explore later. Did anyone really think the whole ring would be just there for you to explore. The amount of data to generate millions of square km of maps…

I thought the Campaign overall was very robust. An solid reboot if you like. There is so many directions we can go.

The MP wasn’t split so much - we got it a bit early. Yes… it needs flesh on it’s bones (Forge / Scripting / Custom search)… but a promising start.


It’s not difficult to have modes that appeal to casual players, and modes that appeal to competitive players.

Naturally there’s going to be overlap between playlists and game choices.

I don’t understand why some players insist it has to be “either/or” when it can easily (and is proving to be working just fine as) “and”.


I think the problem is that there is too much overlap.

Making Social multi-team would be a great start to differentiating and breaking up the type of sweaty competitive play that everyone is complaining about.


Overlap barely exists as the game stands right now.

When the other playlists get added we’ll see actual overlap.

As for right now it’s pretty cut and dry differentiated.

Regardless of this, the game still attracts both casual and competitive players, and that’s the biggest takeaway.

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The game was likely dragged down by that (too much ambition), but it’s obviously already too late to prevent that from happening.
I don’t think trying to please casual and competitive players will make things much worse at this point though.

I thought that the Ranking system deals with the problem you are facing.
Just play enough to get to competitive ranks and the higher you go, the less casual players you will run into.

Actual social modes would be great.
I like playing what we have now (except for Capture the Flag and Total Control…), but none of it feels fun in a somewhat relaxing carefree way (I’m not sure what would be like that to be honest…), and at the moment, I don’t see much of a difference between Ranked and Quick Play.
Things like Grifball, Infection, Multi-Team (well…sort of), etc. would be a nice change of pace.

I mean, Halo 2, 3, Reach, 4 and 5 had a mix of both.

I definitely think the issue has been exactly that they have been picking one or the other since they took the franchise over. Halo 4 was Uber casual and Halo 5 was Uber competitive. What made all the older games so approachable was the options and sandbox. They just built a fun game and the rest of the pieces fell into place with the community.

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Bungie’s games were made casual which certain players made competitive. Personally, I think that’s how you do it. Casual gameplay brings in the biggest playerbase and you can turn any game competitive, just look at Pokémon and it’s competitive scene or the nuzlockes.

CE 2 and 3 could do both just fine so what you’re saying is nonsense.

Exactly. It doesn’t have grapples. It doesn’t have Sprint.

It’s classic.

Halo 5 wings fully into the direction of advanced movement. Classic is the opposite of that

Halo infinite is right in the middle