This false impression

So there was a time halo 5 was free for a week and you can play in unranked quick game playlist…

but the list is complete lie. they put rocket and sniper in map and thing like that… but if you buy the real game , you realize all ranked playlist have no rocket,shotgun and those kind of thing…

a good way to make people buy the game , then after they realize its all lie and boring.

The quick play playlist is a limited map and 2 person Fireteam playlist for new players to get used to the mechanics of the game. It’s supposed to be a more casual and soical playlist.

I’m not sure what playlist you played after getting H5 but I usually seem to see rockets and shotguns lying around ranked arena.

Does anyone else agree? Or am I hallucinating some overkills?

well i am playing mostly FFA and there no rocket in all map… and only the rig/stassis who have shotgun

It’s not a lie. Team Arena and Slayer have rockets, snipers and shotguns in it and then I think a couple others have the shotgun. Did you play all the playlists or are you just assuming they don’t have any?

No disrespect OP but Halo is all about weapon variety and how to learn and use those weapons to your advantage, even in social playlists and ranked. I note that you’re SR147 so I’m failing to understand where you are coming from here and certainly mean no offence.

He probably played some of the HCS settings in ranked, they do not have rockets and they are a pistolfest. But in another thread he said he is uninstalling H5 due to no ranked snipers so none of this really matters anyways.

Uh they do have the same gun placements?