This event is crap

One challenge a week for this event to level up? That’s literally 1 level up a week and this event ends in a week. smh


Halo is different now…it has changed into some type of mobile game…with predatory monetization and crappy time gates. Now I need to watch someone do a walkthrough through the Campaign Mode before I decide to buy Halo Infinite’s Campaign cause usually when this happens, it means the game has gone bad and the quality is gonna be crap too…

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that’s not how it works chief

it seems that’s how it does work for some. I was only given two challenges while others got 7.

so its random if you get an event challege?

The challenges are there you just have to grind hard enough to get them to drop inside your weekly among the stupid amounts of other challenges. I’ve already done 3 2reg weekly and swapped three in an attempt to get my other the other 5 I have to do for fracture to drop. It’s bull

No, there should be 7 but they are hidden in your challenge backlog