this don't feel like halo

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everything about this game sucks the ranking system the game play just everything about this game this aint halo’ halo never been like this 343 sort it out with this sprint this boost halo never been like this shut it down the people say maybe your not good not the point good or not this game don’t feel like halo it don’t the next halo 6 going to be the same can feel it the spawns are bad its not balance everything the update made this game worse halo wars 2 they made that feel like the other halo wars but this game dont feel like halo halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 thats what you call halo sorry that’s how i feel not being moody some use guys mite like it but as a old halo fan make it feel like halo again halo community not the same how it was like old days like halo 3 days the halo community gone dead…

You can’t even type and you come here telling 343 they can’t make a real Halo game? XD