This could be a major problem for regicide

So i was on a winning streak last night on regicide, with the same 4 guys who stayed throughout each game. We all were evenly matched. One guy who goes by the gamertag “SHADY RFC” was constantly placing 3rd or 4th, decided after my 4th consecutive victory to invite his friends. So the game started on Abandon, i kill some other guy, and then die by the hands of “SHADY”. I respawn and he has become the king, i spot him running towards the rocky formation, i pursue him only to find two guys crouched down beside him with br’s killing me instantly. This happens throughout the game, the 3 of them make sure i don’t become king and let “SHADY” finish me off. None of them killing each other, just consistently working as a team. That -Yoink- won the game while the other 3 of us had very little score, except his 2 pals who came second and third. What the -Yoink- can be done to prevent losers like him?
TL;DR some sore loser couldn’t take losing 4 consecutive games of regicide, invites his friends to game to spite me, winning 300 - 0

That’s when you leave the lobby.

FFA Teamtards have been a problem since Halo 3 Rumble Pit.

You can thank 343 for not implamenting a proper ranking system or at the least, not setting up MM properly.

How can they claim things like skill based MM is in place when they allow you to have peole in your party play wiht you in FFA?

I just dont get how 343 can get away with crap like this…

Really man? This isn’t an isolated case? -Yoink- that really sucks that some complete losers feel the need to justify their lack of skill. I mean, some guy completely dominated me for 3 rounds of regicide, but all i thought was “damn i wish i was as good as him” , as opposed to making it personal