This cave is not a natural formation

Easily one of the most famous lines in Halo for being the most ridiculous piece of dialogue in any Halo game. Even Bungie made this dialogue the name of a checkpoint in Halo: Reach, it’s so popular.

It’s not in cutscene, it is in the mission ‘Halo’. Right after the Pelican drops down to pick up the troops and gives you a Warthog (which is the first time you drive a Warthog in the series). You then drop-down to a very obvious Forerunner built cave. Then Cortana says, “This cave is not a natural formation.”

343i, please tell me you’re keeping this line in, it’s easily the best out of all of them!

lol I was actually thinking about this the other day, It’s very likely 343i will keep it in.

I’m hoping they have actually made the cave look a bit more like a natural cave with the enhanced graphics, just for the irony :stuck_out_tongue:

Well considering they aren’t talking ANY content out…

As far as I know all the dialogue will be kept the same.

But the ring itself… that’s a natural :slight_smile:

Analysing… this door has been damaged by an explosion…
Those marines need your help Chief, do what you do best!

I think in Halo CE Cortana was famous for stating the obvious…

Someone built it…So it must LEAD somewhere!

Derp Cortana is Derp.

I just love it when Cortana says, “Keep your head down! There’s two of us in here now, remember?!” My default reply hasn’t changed over the years: “Stop nagging, get out, and fight for yourself then!” :wink:

Ugh. Lines from Cortana that are obvious keep me from liking her character. XD

But so I can continually make fun of her, I hope they do keep the line in (though, I’d doubt they take it out).

> Someone built it…So it must LEAD somewhere!
> Derp Cortana is Derp.

they will most likely keep all the dialogue the same.

lol cortana stating the obvious.