This campaign was the best of them all

Im glad it wasn’t a sad send off for MC. For some reason I expected the worst. There is still hope and time for more Halo games/content. The pilot smiling and happy at the end instead of sorrow made me smile


“This campaign was the best of them all to me”.

There fixed it for you :+1:

For me, it was missing a few things so I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did, and IMO the ending when it came to the last boss fight :thinking:


I thought the story was okay, but kind of weak. Also the mission locations were too limited, but the gameplay is addicting. Really good combat loops and encounters. We just need some level diversity and more detailed DLCs and then we are cooking with gas.


I feel like the “iconic” moments were missing, like taking on 2 scarabs with marines backing you up.

Would have been great to see some other biomes or environments.

The gameplay carried the experience.


Only thing it was missing for me was a Warthog escape sequence.

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The story and all the elements in it say for a few things was weak. There are just completely undeserved scenes like ECHO 216’s reveal. Which I thought was a great idea! I liked the idea of making a hero out of a civilian. But there’s no drama, character dynamic or anything that pushes that button prior to it happening, so it just ends up feeling out of nowhere. After you leave the first ship and land on zeta Halo he’s basically just religated to bringing you vehicles from an undiclosed location that isn’t explained. Which further makes the game feel entirely random and unjustified. You can’t just throw things at us and not give us details. If you’re going to have FOB’s and Echo 216 is going to be bringing you vehicles, then there should be a level where you have to take over some kind of unsc facility that has or produces vehicles. It would justify it better and could serve as more time to build up ECHO 216’s character and dynamic with chief. It really just feels like this story was drastically shortened. To top it off we’re doing YET ANOTHER “Ancient evil” story line with “The endless”. Which is just so yoinking tiring. It’s becoming the “Death star” of this franchise and I’m so over it. This was done successfully with the flood, it was done poorly with Prometheans… Now what? We’re gonna do this again?! They’re forgetting that Halo is a rock and roll epic in space. It’s become overly melo-dramatic and incased in its own external lore. Top it off with one of the most empty open worlds I’ve ever seen, a lack of diverse environments, and a stream of glitches, tearing and issues all around. I think you guys just need this game to be good. I understand if you enjoyed it. But calling it the best (Though subjective) just seems kind of silly.


It doesn’t touch CE-H3 for me. The absence of visual variety of more different environs is felt and is a negative. The freedom to “create your own” setpieces using vehicles and weapons however you want has moments where it’s so much fun, but it comes at the cost of more intentional and designed-to-satisfy segments that showcase the sandbox at its best. The story does its level best, but can’t quite cleanly step out of the quagmire H5’s cliffhanger left it in and has some inconsistencies and weak points throughout.

Those are all flaws, but none of them are deal breakers. I also don’t mean to suggest that Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3 are perfect games. Each of them has its own bevy of weaknesses when compared to the other two, let alone when examinined against anyone’s subjective definition of perfect. IMO, though, they each feel like they nailed what they were going for. In CE, that was a fun, action-packed campaign that introduced us to the awesome and mysterious Halo universe. In H2, it was an even more action packed presentation that deepened our perception and understanding o the universe. In Halo 3, it was an epic, climactic and triumphant resolution to the core conflicts established in the first two games.

Infinite feels a bit more at odds with itself in terms of what it wants to be, IMO. It wants to accomplish a lot; seemingly, bringing back and attempting to dramatically expand on CE’s sense of exploration, establishing a new credibile universe-level threat (or two), and trying to curtail the Reclaimer storyline as quickly and seamlessly as possible while charting a new and intriguing course for the future simultaneously.

That’s a lot to juggle. And I think Infinite does an admirable job balancing all of those points out. But the sense of focus and deliberation present in the original games just isn’t quite here.

What’s super, super encouraging to me, though, is that this is a strong foundation. This game’s weaknesses can be mitigated through iteration. The open world can be fleshed out and be given more dynamic and engaging events. The weapons and vehicle sandbox can be expanded upon and tuned through updates. The story has the opportunity to pick up from a much less convoluted place going forward, and there are some clear points of interest to pursue narratively.

So it isn’t the best Halo campaign, as is. But it bodes well for the future…


I would say it has the potential to be but not in it’s current form. There are too many story elements that aren’t tied up whatsoever from previous games or even newly introduced ones.

Looking back at Halo 1-3, ODST , and Reach, those games had the best campaigns in the franchise IMO. One thing in common with those games, Joseph Staten was a/the writer. If you look at Halo 4-Infinite, each game has different writers. Not to say any of those games didn’t have good stories but Halo 1-3 followed the same story line whereas 4-Infinite has been pretty drastically different with every game.

I hope Staten continues to work with 343, especially in the form of a writer. I doubt he had much say in Infinites campaign considering he joined them very late in development.

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I really loved it, I don’t know how to rank it compared to the other halo campaigns because I love them all except 5, the original trilogy was the better storyline and halo 3 is the best of them all in my opinion, however I also really loved halo 4. I think I would say Infinite is my favourite 343 campaign and the most fun campaign.

I think that my biggest and only complaint about halo infinite’s campaign is the confusion, and that it heavily relies on the player to have a ton of external knowledge to the game to truly appreciate the plot and the characters, and even then it can be pretty confusing. Like SPOILERS when you see the “flashbacks” of cortana and atriox talking, I didn’t really understand when that took place in the story, I am still left confused about the Harbinger lady (but I think we are supposed to be confused and questioning about her?), and I felt confused about Cortana suddenly changing from being a galactic supervillain who massacred trainee spartans and blew up planets, to being like “hmm I have been a bit silly lately, I will be good now” and then she turns good again? It would be nice to see an explanation for this as it kind of left me scratching my head a bit.

Definitely an amazing game overall

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I don’t know if I agree with this: the bosses, the House of Pain, even some of the forerunner areas were pretty cool setpieces I think.

I know I’ve beaten this horse well past any humane point, but the lack of Co-op hurts the Campaign immensely. Like obviously they’ll eventually (hopefully, someday, etc. ) make things right, but initial impressions are huge and because you play everything solo it just makes it very forgettable comparatively.

Bruh, I can still remember matches of Horde I had in Gears 5… Just because of the things said to me or the discussion and so on.

Its like -Yoink!-, very forgettable solo, can be epic with someone else.

I seriously believe that no Co-op at launch cost Infinite like 5 points on metacritic (metacritic is a site that takes an aggregate of most reviews I believe) by itself, such a quintessential feature not being included just hurts :pensive:

I still think H2 is the best, but I bigly enjoyed it for sure. I was really impressed with how they were able to pivot away from H5 and go int a less boring direction without completely abandoning it. Still, it just kinna sets the stage for a continuation to me. As long as the campaign DLCs are a similar level in quality I’ll be very happy

This is probably the best 343 game to date, but thats not a high bar.

I liked h4’s story better, but its level, enemy, and weapon design were far inferior to Infinite’s.

Story is really undercooked. It needed to move past Cortana and develop the banished/endless better, at launch, not 6-12 months from now when they want to charge us another 60 dollars. For being advertised as a new starting point for people, it sure likes to drone on and on about stuff that mattered in the last 5 games but isn’t terribly relevant NOW.

It definitely lacks the cinematic moments h2 and h3 were great at. The bosses are all fairly typical video game drivel that ‘halo killers’ liked putting in and abandoned over a decade ago. We don’t even get a cinematic pan of the final boss dungeon, we just sort of teleport from the banished tower to its front door. The camera feels like its afraid to get too far away from chief.

It feels like nothing happened in this game, everything happened 6 months ago then we killed a brute cause he stole our pilot, and killed the harbinger lady so she’d stop droning about the forerunners.

ODST was a game that handeled flashback levels in an open world, but it actually let you experience the flashbacks instead of holograms. Also it still had a fial level which felt like it went places.

Far too much console clicking, bland bosses, and power seed grabbing. Open world stuff like assassination targets and FOB’s feel very fake and artificial. Vehicle sandbox is really disappointing, no actual levels use vehicles, and the open world is hostile to vehicle movement.

Only one enemy faction (because the endless blend into the banished too well and their only non-boss unit is a weak flying grunt) makes things start to feel reptitie after awhile, especially combined with repetitive environments.

Honestly I only stayed up to 3am playing it because if i didn’t, I don’t think i’d have finished the campaign.


“ODST was a game that handeled flashback levels in an open world, but it actually let you experience the flashbacks instead of holograms. Also it still had a fial level which felt like it went places.”

Ohhhh man, I want to play the flashbacks in this game. I’d love to see how Atriox managed to defeat Cortana with her Guardians that can instantly teleport anywhere, EMP an entire planet, or destroy it within seconds.

TBH the problem is h5 made cortana too freaking powerful. Its also weird how the rest of the created seem to have just poofed.

Why is Cortana limited to this ring and not just in the domain with her AI buddies?

Oddly enough the only other AI that worked with her blew himself up with a facility? Like what?

That aside though, the campaign did make it sound like 6 months ago was a much more interesting time than the actual campaign was.

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Totally agree. I hope someday they release a prequel type DLC. Which would be hard in itself considering the chief is floating in space. Maybe we get to play as one of the dead spartans.

The vagueness of all these questions being answered is probably part of the “Spiritual Reboot” but even with all of the new introductions of the story, more questions have come up with hardly any answers.

Yep. Really enjoyed the campaign.

Some sort of epic vehicle battle and/or a warthog run would have been the icing on the cake. But maybe next time.

I liked the flashbacks to round off the Cortana thread. She had grown too powerful and had moved too far away from the Cortana we loved to be redeemable. Starting fresh with the Weapon was a good move.

The Pilot was great. Thankfully he was nowhere near as whiny as he came across in the last couple of trailers. He helped to break up the Chief/Weapon dynamic nicely.

The biome thing did start to get just a little repetitive towards the end. Nothing serious - and it could easily have been placated with a bit of dynamic weather. We will definitely need to see some other parts of the ring in future installments.

And I’m completely fine with all the “what happened to…” questions. I’ve never been one of those people who had to know the detailed explanation for every story point (Star Wars was so much better when the Force was mystical).

In the future they can expand / explain what they want. Hopefully we get regular big campaign instalments interspersed with smaller event set pieces.

And they don’t all have to be about the Chief! The story of the Infinity’s fall could easily be told through the eyes of another Spartan, ODST, or character (eg. the Arbiter).

Im assuming you haven’t played all the previous halo games?.. in my opinion it lacked big time they had so many options they could have took the story in and yet played it safe with the most predictable story possible also like every 343 halo game its full of plotholes! So many scenarios and characters from there previous games just dropped completely with no explanation as to why? How? When? And where?! I hated halo 5 but to just totally cut the story that of the promethians without bringing it all to a proper conclusion and pretty much all the cast from halo 4 and 5 was ridiculous its bad when a game company has to just drop there story and characters cause they messed up the story so much! Also Atriox… they spent all of halo wars 2 and other content hyping up this dangerous brute with a good back story to only show him in 3 cutscenes (start, end and post credits) and have him absent from the mijority of the game was a stupid decision also they have decided to now bring in yet another new species of enemy the endless… should 343 really be bringing more new species/enemies into there games?! They couldnt even get the promithians right! They were unbalanced and boring to fight in halo 4 and 5 and they couldnt even keep there story ark on track so they just completely dropped them from halo infinite i personally dont have faith in them being able to produce a good story and gameplay with the endless when they drag them into the games full time aswell

Just finished it myself and absolutely loved it! While I still wouldn’t call it my favorite Halo campaign (that might change with subsequent playthroughs), for me Infinite is the finest campaign in the series since Halo 3.

While I would’ve liked for there to be another game that follows H5’s core narrative about the Created, I understand why 343 wanted to start over clean, ASAP. Even so, I’m honestly surprised at how well Infinite actually goes about ending that plot thread. I can’t wait to see how the story will continue in the (hopefully) coming DLC expansion(s).

The core gameplay experience is the best in the series and I’m amazed that the same 343 that created the H4 and 5, A.I was responsible for these enemies.

Honestly, the only real complaint I have with the campaign is that the level design for the main story missions got a little repetitive. Everything else was a fantastic experience.

If we’re talking about the overall game:

Halo 2
Halo CE
Halo Infinite
Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo 5

I think all the above games have great elements that taken individually might be better than Infinite.

Halo 2 is a masterpiece. Halo CE gets the benefit of being the first game and just solid all around. Past that, sure Halo 4 hits you harder but is let down in other elements, Halo 5 has an IMO very intriguing premise but faulty in some crippling ways.

Here’s the thing, I was not blown away by Halo 3. It was okay. They did a safe ending to the series and it just felt like a climb down from Halo 2 in terms of story, world building and characters. It doesn’t have any story elements like in Halo 5 that are problematic but that’s because they kept things simple. The combat is, okay. Its not like Halo 4 where I actually find the combat joyless. It’s the vanilla of Halo games.

So yeah, Infinite is better than Halo 3 in my
opinion. It has a better story. I felt more engaged with what was going on. All the villains are leagues better. The open world allows for interesting combat encounters and the combat is great fun. The music is also top tier with some amazing mood and ambience.

I’ve got nearly 24 hours total playtime so far, and I agree it is the best (so far). I may be alone in this or I may not be, but my favourite pastime is to equip the Bandana skull and zip across Zeta Halo using the Grapple Shot like Spider-Man. I absolutely refuse to look at a guide for the collectibles, so that makes it even more fun.