This bugs me, a lot.

before you start reading, I’d like to say that I really love this game and I’m having a BLAST while playing, but these are some negatives to me.

Every time I’m playing a game in War Games, which is not Infinity Slayer, everything seems to be normal. but when the game progresses, there don’t seem to be spawning any weapons such as sniper rifles. is this just me? Because at the start there’s weapons but later on they don’t spawn anymore, which kind of sucks to me because in previous games we had a new sniper every 180 seconds.

another thing that bothers me are the rooftops on Complex where people like to set up their tent and start camping.

also, the spawning seems a bit random. joining a game that’s already over, or joining the team losing by 30 kills. the aim assist is huge on the DMR and of course the terrible killcams, but that’s not a big deal, though.

And I’ve got a question for you guys. How can you see if there’s a To4(Team of 4) against you ? and why is the oddball playlist gone all of a sudden when the servers crashed?