This "Ban Hammer" things is so dumb

I understand if someone being a sore loser or betraying teammates but damn when the multiplayer is on bs because 343 too lazy to fix it u can’t blame me for quitting. I have good Internet connection. The dedicated servers aren’t all that great. It takes me so long to get a kill but it don’t take much to kill me. I wish I could record the bs that happens like I get someone’s shield down then shoot them in the face 3 times and they’re still not dead. Then I get spawned in front of the enemy every game. Wow. I lost faith in 343I. Halo 4 was the best Halo to me but this…Halo 5 is a joke. Yall jus so quick to ban somebody. U making ppl quit because yall won’t fix the multiplayer. Laziness

There’s a ban thread stickied in this section.