This Armor Customization Needs to Come Back.

Honestly, the Halo 5: Guardians armor customization is fun for newer audiences and stuff, from people who are honestly used to games that make you pay for things like the REQ packs anyways, but I admire this armor system so much. It’s much more complex, it lets you customize EVERY piece of armor, you have to buy pieces using points from the games you play, so what was wrong with it!? I honestly don’t like Halo 5 as much because of the REQ system, I think it was just used so that 343 could make a quick buck off of people who REALLY want that one piece of armor, but don’t want to grind for hours to do so.

That’s all I had to say, just posting this to sorta vent about this new system. And the visors kinda suck.

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I just hate the fact that there are so many clone armours in Halo 5. Feels like I get cheated when I spend REQ points and get my fourth Soldier helm.

I hate the customization armor in halo 5 , is best in halo reach

The reach armor is great

I play Reach more then Halo 5 just because of the armor customization. They really need to bring it back.

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> I hate the customization armor in halo 5 , is best in halo reach

I like reach’s more. It’s easier for you to get new armor pieces on the one with daily challenges and the fact that in campaign and FF, you get 1-3 credits per kill

Armor customization on Reach was the best of its kind. I believe still that it beats any other Halo games customization.

Reach had way more customization.

Sorry to say but i dont like the armor customization in halo 5. The one of Halo reach is the Best TBH

Yeah Halo Reach’s armor is so much better

armor customization in reach was the best.