This Ain’t it Chief (RNG AR Start Feedback… Rant Honestly)

Alright, she’s all installed. (Probably time to adjust WHAT I have installed…) You set up the lobby.

…There’s absolutely no way those damage values were right.

You have great grenade placement I’ll give you that. Radars really screw with 1v1s.

But seriously what were those damage values? How in the world were you surviving on-target 4-shots? Can you play like that in Infinite?

Because like… There were some shenanigans in there.

EDIT: Listen, I don’t get it. Surviving 4-5shots, having 4-5 frag grenades to throw, stickies phasing through, I don’t know. I’m not sure how to explain or justify that. I mean, the AR does not kill you in 6 shots and a melee.

Something’s weird.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you want from me lol. I 1v1’d you and was the better player. It was a good game, I don’t cheat though I’m flattered you feel that way really. I have literally nothing to gain from cheating, I’ve been playing halo my whole life since I was 5 when HCE came out, I’m not amazing but I can play and win games.

Oh and thanks for the grenade compliment! Your BR melee combo blew my mind when you did it :3.

Also just watch the theater bro, show it to people qualified to detect cheating. They’ll all say I’m legit lol.

I’ll at least concede I usually play Halo 3 on the MLG settings, where damage values and such are different, everyone’s faster and there’s no radar.

EDIT: What I don’t get is why you went for Halo 3 and not Infinite. Where the AR is bonkers.

I don’t think Halo infinite’s AR is fair (too good as shown in favyn’s video), and I’m better at Halo 3. You probably woulda smashed me on MLG, given I’m useless without radar and AR lol.

Well, there’s that at least.

I’d work on the BR then. Because even if there was fishy business IMO you’re not bad. You’d be pretty damn good if you picked up the BR and dropped the radar. I get your thoughts on it, but just… Give the mode a go.

Because if you can actually perform that well with a BR and sans radar you’d easily be high diamond.

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I was diamond 1 in halo 5… if that even means anything lol (you have no clue how close I was to onyx ;-;, my team fed more than Monsanto or the Red Cross though). They had the AR in ranked and a radar so I played it. I promise it was just me, if you wanna watch it on theater, or if you want me to send you the gameplay on theater from my perspective I will too no probs :p. I appreciate the compliment, but I’d be absolute trash without the radar and AR. I don’t find being good in ranked fun if it’s by MLG terms. I’ve used these tools/weapons forever ago, to me a radar and AR is halo, just as much as shields and movement may be to anyone else. It’s not fun without them, because I’m bad without them (unless it’s swat I guess). I’m humble enough to admit this, which is why when they screw with my casual environment it hurts. It’s a formula I enjoy, slayer should just be slayer, and I’ll gladly take a no rank to enjoy my time.

Though if you ever wanna play HI or MCC let me know, it would be fun (^^)b. I’m always down for a rematch, if you wanna do it by MLG terms let me know and I’ll try. But finals are really coming up so I gotta study for real lol.

I love the fact that they added Br starts, should have been in the game since the release


I’d argue Monsanto holds food random rather than feeds people but that’s just me.

Good luck with the studies. You can definitely whip with an AR. An… odd, amount to be sure. But I am really curious as to why one avoids Infinite. I get it, the radar, but… I mean, y’know?

Yes they should have, so should AR starts. Again, I’m not arguing against BR starts, there really is a community that loves them and I respect that. I just want to be able to choose between the two. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have this option.

Haha true, I guess they’re just a food supplier so I joke about it p:.

Thanks I appreciate it c:. I enjoy infinite, it’s a good game, but the weapon sandbox has a lot to be desired in balancing. I don’t think I can post a link, but favyn’s video really opened my eyes up to what is wrong with the game. It’s why I’ve changed my stance on the AR. He 1v1’d a pool of people for something like 4 hours only using the AR when others used any gun they wanted other than the AR, and he won every single matchup which should never happen. Just like how you punished me at range by using the BR in 3, he should have lost at range but didn’t. He also talks about bloom, which I also don’t like as it rewards RNG. I guess infinite just isn’t complete, and they keep messing with casual slayer (>_>), it’s not fun to me. I could carry in halo 3 because there existed a wide weapon skill gap, in infinite that gap is closed making me sweat more to get a W, not to mention my favorite weapon in the game has a 50/50 chance of getting deleted entirely because I can’t even pick it up on any map and I don’t start with it. It’s more unfun unless I don’t care about winning… In summary, I’m just a Halo boomer lol.