This Ain’t it Chief (RNG AR Start Feedback… Rant Honestly)


Enough talking. Stop trying to squirm youre way out of it

Put your money where your mouth is bro

(her please and thank you)

Rip, you didn’t appreciate my attempt at that H2 quote even?

No it was honestly pretty cringe.

:c awe, you really don’t like me hm? Really… if it makes you feel any better I’m just messing around. That means I don’t dislike you at all. Sorry if I’ve irritated you, I really do want to 1v1 though it sounds like fun. I’ll play against you after I finish finals and have other stuff under control which should be in about a month.

Haha idc what you or anyone thinks about me homie. I’ll play them when I’m ready lol.

Hmmm… actually when can you play against me?

I mean, like, now. I’d have to reinstall MCC but that’s fine?

Yeah let’s do it, how long you think? :smiley:

iunno, maybe 30min at most to install and ready it up

Cool, sounds good. Guardian ok? AR+BR start radar, no power weapons? (We can use them if you want just typically those are the rules I’ve 1v1’d under… and yes I count the snipe as a power weapon lol). Oh and no power ups of course.

I thought you liked the broader sandbox? But sure, remove what you want.

1v1’s are different to me at least… those are the rules people have used with me in the past I guess. Alright then, sounds like fun (^^)b.

Sure. Well, you see my gamertag here. Add me, the O is a zero.

EDIT: Gah. It’s taking a sec to DL. It won’t be long.

I know exactly why.

See, they don’t exactly have room for all the extra playlists yet.

Long story short, they went with a UI that didn’t a lot of space and we’re stuck with that until further notice.

Probably to meet the launch window but regardless this sucks. I’m sticking to Dying Light 2 for now.

Yeah, okay that’d be fair… wish they’d have said something about it. I just have to say something though, I know I probably have no influence over their decisions, still I think it’s important we bring stuff up in case.


EDITL When I uninstalled I had like EVERYTHING installed so, gah.

Yeah. They don’t tell you probably because they need to clear stuff. They can’t talk about everything without some sort of okay.

Plus they all sign ndas so you got that to worry about. I happened to find a post on here one day giving me a link to a developer conference where they talk about Infinite’s development. Otherwise my guess would’ve been as good as yours.


DW about it, I sent you a friend request (^^)b.

Thanks for clearing that up… sorry 343 <3.

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