This Ain’t it Chief (RNG AR Start Feedback… Rant Honestly)

343 repeat after me, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Who in the entirety of the community was complaining about AR starts? And if there was a vocal enough faction, what made you think it was a good idea to Russian Roulette me into a match with either no AR starts or only AR starts?

Here’s an idea, launch MCC, go to the game type selection page, view the slayer 4v4 option to enable AR starts or BR starts, then put that feature in your game. I love the BR, I think it’s a fantastic weapon, but I like it more as a pickup. Please, for the love of god stop changing things that don’t need to be changed.

Also, who’s idea was it to make it BR only? How could you not at least give an AR secondary weapon like in Halo 3? You know, the most successful game in the entire franchise multiplayer wise. The blueprints for how this game should be worked on. Of course I don’t want a copy paste Halo 3, but you have a perfect example of what to do… and yet for some reason beyond my comprehension as a halo fan for the past 20+years you just decide to give us some warped version of Halo. Stop messing with my 25m radar, stop messing with my AR (balancing is fine if needed), make vehicles tankier, fix desync, add playable elites, watch favyn’s video on weapon balance and continue your roadmap. I’m cheering you on believe it or not, I want you guys to succeed as I have nothing to gain from your failure.

Well, most of us.

I’m also going to laugh at you now. I think I remember you saying how bad news you were with an AR and radar.


They took out the AR? Finally. I guess I can start playing slayer again.

And just how many repeat threads are you going to make about this anyway?

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Lol you’re still salty about that? They’re just doing whatever they can to save next noobs like you from me haha.

But no hard feelings UWU, I’m just messing with you. Unlike you I don’t hold a grudge <3 (^^).

Do you want to 1v1, honest question.

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Do it. Let me be the ref

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My, my. Touchy, aren’t we?

Halo has more than one weapon - as it should. Get used to it.

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Halo 3 son, let’s go :D. Sounds like fun. I’d love to 1v1 sometime about 4 weeks from now. Finals coming up and I gotta study, should give you enough time to prepare too ;D.

…You actually think you have a shot and that I need a month to beat an AR kid.

Oh wow.

And don’t call me son.


I love all of the weapons in halo.

Haha bro don’t get so salty, it’s all in good fun sonny boi.

You know that isn’t the winning move right?

What exactly did they do to slayer if you don’t mind me asking?

A BR doesn’t exactly sound all too bad if their switching it up. Saves me having to constantly look for one in social.

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I mean, honestly dude I’m just messing around, if I win I win if I don’t I don’t lol. Idc if you’re better than me, but it would be interesting to see how good you are.

Oh I mean, you’re going down noob! Lmao.

…You legitimately don’t stand a chance.

Oh, they just made it a coin flip, you have the chance to get AR starts, or you have the chance to get BR starts. My position is, why not simply make a playlist selection where people can choose which one they want? That’s all.

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Are you serious? Oh man this sounds like fun.

I mean, at least I’m not running away for a month.

That’s fine, call it what you want haha. I’m not like 6, I’m not gonna get shaken up because someone says “ohhh you scared?” XD. I have a legitimate reason, you can call it an excuse or me running if you feel better. But the counsel shall have their corpse.

Gods I feel like I’m losing brain cells in this thread.

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