Thirteen Arrows are Recruiting

Thirteen Arrows may be new to Halo, but the members aren’t. We value quality of quantity, so do not let our numbers discourage you. If you are looking for a company that is;

  • Active - Driven to constantly improve - Competitive - Skilled - Strategic - Not afraid to critique their own gameplay without getting their feelings hurt - Can beat someone to death with their own skull-then we may be the company for you, If you are interested in joining, please include the following in your request. Default, or bare minimum requests are more likely to be passed on. If you cannot apply the effort to read and write for two minutes for us, how can we expect more? AKA, don’t be lazy.

  • Your age - Your timezone - When you are available to play - Your Halo history - Your Halo skills - Your Halo weaknesses - Your Halo goals - Your preferred Halo gametypes - Why you requested to join 13AWHO WE ARE.
    Thirteen Arrows is a company focused on working together to win games. We are highly competitive and driven. We are focused on Arena with a smattering of BTB, but we are not afraid to tear it up in Warzone.

Hyde Unleashed - Founder, Leader
ForfeitArbitar - Lieutenant
Greed Excelsior - Lieutenant