Thinking on not buying the campaign

This game has too many issues. I like it, but not getting a complete game on launch is just the last drop. Many gameplay and ui tweaks, playlists and other stuff is missing, anti cheat, a decent reporting system, stats, not to mention coop and forge. The ui is so awkward, no game mode filtering and not that many maps. All past games had this on a sweet spot, it seems like a step backwards in many areas. Gameplay is good, aside from the syncing issues (melee, rockets and grenades not registering, shots through corners). I already bought the battle pass so I’ll be finishing that and will wait for the game to be complete. And I know you have to make money so I understand the shop and battle pass, but 6-7 years on the making… it’s good and I know you’ll make it better, but it’s just not there yet for me. Maybe my expectations were higher. Will you buy the campaign? How do you feel about no coop? It crashes all the time on my friends computer and even banned him for it lol. Maybe I’ll get it after i get my friends or general public reaction to it.


I feel you on all the current issues and those are at times very frustrating, I just try to count myself lucky that I’m already able to play the game until it’s complete :wink:

I actually think they have put a lot of effort in the campaign so I’m not keeping myself from enjoying that next week and I would seriously reconsider yourself if you’re a fan.

On social media there is plenty of attention to the current faults and that has much more impact then not spending 60 bucks (or 10 for a month of game pass)

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On December 8th? Unlikely. Sometime after December 8th, very likely. I’ll just play through game pass.

I like to play Halo co-op although both 343 and Bungie decided to put in that stupid solo legendary achievement since Reach so I’ve played the last few games solo on launch. I’m okay to wait, I waited 12 months to play through Gears 5 co-op and really enjoyed it. There’s no burning desire for me to play games co-op on launch as I’m the most passionate gamer of my friends so I’ll happily take a day or two off work to play through a game, whereas doing it with them takes us months. I’m happy to do it but I want to get through the campaign first, early on and to watch the cutscenes and focus on the story without people speaking or skipping.

Imagine living in a world where people don’t buy three years of XBL cheaply from Brazil, then subscribe for one month of ultimate and that will then upgrade all three years to Ultimate. For a small fraction of the original cost.


Haha ^This. Except I bought it from Amazon in bulk & it set off their fraud detector so they refunded me… After I’d already redeemed all the codes. Basically got 3 years of ultimate for £1 through absolutely no fault of my own.

In all seriousness though, game pass in general is way better value than buying any of the Xbox exclusives at launch, and even at full price I highly recommend using that rather than buying them full price. Even if you wanna own them long term you can probs just pick up a physical copy in a couple years for much less.

I mean its a bummer co op is going to be late but I am still going to be getting it. I planned to do my first playthrough solo and I understand making co op for this title is likely a lot more complex than any prior title. As long as they do a good job when it does arrive I will be happy.

I preordered the campaign. For me, Multiplayer and Campaign are 2 separate things. Sure, both are part of Halo Infinite, but im not going to judge the Campaign based on the Multiplayer experience.

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My view is that because 60 dollars is getting me less content for a halo title, I should not be spending 60 dollars.
I’ll play the game on gamepass as I have that to try out games that I wouldn’t try out otherwise.

It’s hard for me to justify spending money on this game itself because the business model is so scummy and it’s missing basic features like co-op. I don’t know that I would even play it if I didn’t grow up on Halo

How hard is it really to just throw in another model of a spartan and let another player control it? I could understand it if they were to do something like add more content to the singleplayer that introduces a character that’ll run around with you to kill things and you couldn’t do it before because of story reasons but I just think that’s my imagination running wild to find a way to justify this.

I’d have hoped with 6 years in the making we’d get more Arena maps than we got, and then only 3 BTB maps is sad as well. I understand it’s an entirely new engine and I am NOT a game designer so I can not exactly weigh in on what the dev teams were doing.

Not defending this, but it is a live service game so I can expect that it will get better over time, as long as we remain vocal about what we want.

R6 Siege and several other games are what they are today because of an active community and vocal members. Leaving the game until it’s finished isn’t exactly going to fix that. :grinning:

Being vocal on here and reddit etc is how you make changes happen.

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I have it on good authority that the campaign is solid and a lot of fun. So it’s a day one for me.