Thinking of Upgrading from an Xbox One X to Xbox Series S. Thoughts? Experiences?

I’m mostly a PC gamer but with gamepass being a pretty solid deal I must say the Xbox Series S is perfect for those who game digitally. Its way smaller than the Xbox One line of consoles and is perfect for traveling if you move alot like I do. It runs games pretty good and isn’t too far behind from the Series X. I will say the biggest problem at least in my area is actually getting your hands on one of the things.

Also in advance if you do get one, make sure you have an external hard drive or external SSD, the Series S does not come with enough internal storage for mainline digital gaming. Xbox is offering their own expansion cards but they cost a bit of money and there are far cheaper alternitives.

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Digital Foundry got to try out a pre-release Campaign build on Xbox Series, and based on what they found with the Xbox Series S, I’m glad I didn’t pick one up.

I’m actually expecting my Xbox One X to play the game similar or even better!

I can’t include links in my post, it seems, but basically they found the Series S runs the game at:

  • Quality Mode = 1080p at 30 FPS
  • Performance Mode = 60 FPS, unspecified resolution, but I’d suspect around 720p since it’d be less.

I have both the series X, and S. In my experience the S is faster, as it does not have to load in 4k. This will get fixed when performance mode is introduced but honestly not that big a difference. HOWEVER the storage space is absurdly tiny on the S. Only about 500 Gigs. While you can still use an external hard drive for older games, any game optimized for the X/S has to be on the internal. There is a chip that you can get for $100 that works for x/s but it’s only a terabyte. (Fills up fast)

In conclusion

S=fast, low storage. Perfect for someone with only a handful of games.

Also, the S, while not 4k, still looks better than the ONE X.

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Played over 200 matches on the Series S.
Haven’t had the game crash on me once.

Occasional lag every now and then but nothing major. Just basic connection-to-host bullspit.

You need a 4k tv as well to get the best out of it. The most notable improvement over an Xbox One X is load times. But even then that doesn’t seem to always be the case if you get paired with people who are still using older Xboxes. I’ve noticed on Warframe for instance that load times are vastly superior on the new Series X compared to the Xbox One X. Open world areas now load virtually instantly whereas before I’d be waiting anywhere from 30-60 seconds or so. Hard to judge it for Halo as I’ve only been playing Infinite on the new series X.

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At least where I go, Series S’s are much more common than the Series X, so that might be the only available option for a while. Unless you get lucky, of course.

Though my expierence with the S has been pretty good so far. The only real bummer is the storage space. 512GB dosen’t hold much these days. lol But that’s not too big a deal.

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I would upgrade to a Series S if I didn’t have so many disc games for my Xbox One. Which is why I’m gonna stick with my One X until there are Series X’s back in stock, in which I hope there’s one I can get my hands on. Been stalking a stock alert page, just waiting for the XSX to be in stock again

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