Thinking of Upgrading from an Xbox One X to Xbox Series S. Thoughts? Experiences?

Hello everyone,

I pre-purchased Halo Infinte’s Campaign a few days ago and I’m quite excited! I’m currently gaming on an Xbox One X, and from what I understand, the game is expected to be native 4K (with dynamic scaling) and 30 FPS on this platform. My gaming TV is a Samsung 4K TU7050.

Outside of overpriced marketplace sellers, I can’t find an Xbox Series X here for the life of me, but Xbox Series S is readily available. I’m seriously debating picking one up since I know Halo Infinite will be 60 FPS on it (though at 1080p, I believe).

From what I can gather, the major difference in general between consoles is the lack of native 4k and the smaller storage space on the Xbox Series S (I’m not concerned about a Blu-ray Disc drive), and possibly lesser texture quality in some other backwards compatible games. It will have faster load times thanks to the SSD, and of course double the frame rate and the new Controller.

Other games I regularly play are Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, DOOM: Eternal, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Halo Wars 2. The first three are Optimized for Xbox Series, and the latter benefits from Frame Boost.

Is there anyone here who has gone from an Xbox One X to Xbox Series S, and if so, what has your experience been like? Has it overall felt like an upgrade, or not so much? How’s the upscaling on the Xbox Series S on a 4K display?



I own an Xbox One S, and my close friend has an Xbox Series S in his apartment. I’ll be honest, I don’t see much of a difference to warrant getting a model like his. Load times are maybe a little faster, but it isn’t very noticeable. The only upgrade I could find was the controller, but at the same time that carries over to Series X as well.

I would save your money for something else, or put it toward getting a Series X. I have yet to actually use one, but the stories I hear make it seem like there’s enough to warrant upgrading. If you’re interested I’ll be getting one sometime in the next two weeks, and I’d be happy to follow-up with my personal experience with it.


I upgraded to the Series X about a week ago and so far MCC has frozen and crashed (kicking me back to the home screen) 3 times now. Matter of fact it happened just a short while ago while I was playing Slayer. This never used to happen with my original Xbox One. While the load times are much better, I’d keep this in mind and factor it into your decision. Honestly it’s really upsetting having to deal with a ridiculous issue like this that frankly shouldn’t occur on such a powerful machine.


That’s good to know, but at the same time MCC won’t even start correctly about 50% of the time on my One S. Starting to sound like there is no option in terms of playing without crashing.


It’s really concerning to be honest as the console makes an awful sound when it does happen.

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Oooo, so we have a modern red ring of death? Neato. :ok_hand:


MCC while fixed still has many bugs, still crashes on every platform so you are out of luck if its your favorite game.

I haven’t had a single problem with my Series S, I upgraded from the original Xbox One to the Series S and it’s been a great experience, so long as you don’t care about the S not being able to output 4K you’ll be satisfied.


Personally, I don’t think upgrading from a One X to a Series S is worth it. Yes, the Series S uses a newer architecture that supports ray tracing, quick resume and 3d audio and, as you said, faster loading times thanks to ssd, but you won’t be able to hit 120 FPS unless you have a screen with a 120 hertz or higher refresh rate.
Furthermore, after watching few comparison videos of Infinite Tech Preview (unfortunately I can’t include links in posts so here’s one video I found useful “Halo Infinite Big Performance Mode Boosts For Series X/One X”), the One X ran at 60 FPS on performance mode, so there are good chances the final game will run absolutely fine on this system.

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I have a series X. The main positive is load times are fast but the hard drive space is an issue unless you don’t play as many games as I do. Graphics look better but it is not that much of an improvement.

So I was on xbox one x scorpio edition and I upgraded to xbox series x in May 2021. Just this month games like forza horizon 5 and Halo Infinite in Dec are games that will look and play awesome on series x. Halo 5 and MCC the difference is there but negligible. If you are on xbox one gen8 then definitely jumping to series x or s will make huge impact. I only bought series x to play halo infinite and during the flights in series x were just amazing. If I never had any consoles and money was no blocker I would build a gaming rig. But now I am really enjoying my series x as I can see games built for this platform are coming through.

My xbox one died a few weeks ago , so I need a new console

I’m sorry to hear that!

Prior to my upgrade to my Series X I was playing on an Xbox One X. I experienced several crashes where the only relieve seemed to be disabling the new skins in Halo: CE and Halo 3.

Once I upgraded to my Series X I don’t recall any crashes. There may have been a few, but certainly not enough so frequently that I recall.

I wanted to ask if you had moved/installed MCC onto your Internal drive for the Series X? Despite being an Xbox One title it is Series X | S enhanced, and I thought perhaps if you were playing from an External Hard-drive that may contribute to the issue.

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I have both consoles I recommend that you be willing to do something good for Infinite.

Currently in Series X MCC still has some problems that I have gotten to restart the console or rather it turns it off from the root.

Is this instant on issue?

Thanks, I didn’t know that the Xbox One X version was getting a performance mode. I hope that carries into the Campaign; having something like 1080p at 60 FPS (upscaling to 4k) would do me just fine.

So looks like I should wait and see, and if performance is poor, then think about upgrading.

I would snag an Xbox Series X pronto if I could find one, but alas, as I mentioned, you just can’t get one here outside of crazy overpriced scalpers.

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Thanks for the reply. Are they the only two titles you play and experienced these crashes on? Because I only play Reach and that’s where it is happening. I have all new customization/skins disabled and it isn’t making any difference unfortunately.

I have MCC installed on the internal hard drive. When I got the Series X all of my games were on an external hard drive but I have since moved everything over to the internal one. I play using a physical disc too (which is basically why I wanted the X so I didn’t have to rebuy any games such as MCC).

Back when I was using my original Xbox One to play it, I had it on the internal drive for a long time with no issues like these, and after moving it to an external drive, again there was no issues.

To clarify, the solution I was provided by Halo Support was to disable the skins. However I only received crashes in Halo 3.

That said, as I believe you are already aware, there are some graphical issues with Halo: Reach at the moment - which seems to be caused by a recent Xbox system update implementing a 4K Dashboard / Dark Mode and is affecting Xbox Series X (and S?) users. However I have not experienced a crash in Halo: Reach yet from this.

Is your game crashing in multiplayer or campaign? And also when the crashes are occurring, do you see the new strange graphical glitch?

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When I submitted my ticket all I got was the automated response of we don’t have a solution to your problem yet but if something comes up we will get back to you thing.

I’m definitely aware of the current graphical issues with Reach. A small part of me suspects that this may be part of the reason, but I’m not really sure because I have seen plenty of people talking about MCC crashing on the Series X for months now long before these issues came to light. Although no one specifically mentions Reach so that’s why I think maybe part of it is to do with that issue.

It has only occurred in multiplayer and the graphical issue is not present when it actually happens (I freeze, the console makes a grinding sound, and I end up back on the home screen), however it happens throughout the game yes. I see the graphical issue across campaign, multiplayer and Firefight, but only crash during multiplayer.

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No problem, happy to help! Yeah, upgrading to a Series X makes more sense but it’s almost impossible to buy one nowadays thank to scalpers. After a quick search, looks like your tv supports 60 FPS, so you’re good to go with your One X.
That said, if you manage to find one at a reasonable price, go with the Series X, but you’ll probably need a different tv if you want to take advantage of the higher refresh rate.

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