Thinking of forming a clan

So I was thinking of forming a clan from scratch and having a clan for freedom and fun. For I am not looking for a clan that requires abilities by rank, a special match to get in, meetings and all. I want a simple clan of people that want to play various things in halo. From spartan ops, forge, to custom games and multiplayer, to the campaign on all halos. From here I would like to rally up people to make it right here in the making and to see who is interested. What would our name be? Once I gather up a good group of about 5-10 we will begin to brainstorm. I will not at all force a clan name upon you. Also i will not be a strict clan leader and I am in this for fun. I am a 15F and my gamertag is Korrupt Kitten. For my clan I am looking for people ranging from ages 13-20 preferably to keep it safe and friendly and all XD But I am not picky. If you say have a higher voice a bit than others thats fine just dont be a annoying squeaky brat. If your voice is deep it is fine XD. Males and females welcome from them ages just please be cool,chill,respectful and never take anything seriously when it comes to chatting. In game modes lets have fun yet at the same time be serious and cooperate. If shy at first thats fine but over time we shall all become good friends and develop. Contact me at Korrupt Kitten on XBL and feel free to drop clan names below or in my inbox aswell as giving me a bit of info about you to me personally here, on xbox and in this thread. Thank you and if I did not mention anything of course inbox me somewhere about it personally! :smiley: