Thinking about SWAT...

I was thinking about SWAT for a second and I thought about if the BR or DMR will be used in SWAT. Or maybe there will be two different SWATs: SWAT BRs and SWAT DMRs. And I’d also like to see SWAT ARs. Pretty interesting.

I love the head shots though! But hey who knows maybe an AR fight would be appealing as well

Also carbine and light rifle and pistol can be SWAT weapons too. Pistol most likely will but I don’t know about the others. And yeah the light rifle is a potential because it is a loadout weapon.

I’d like to see a Scattershot devoted playlist.

Call it Scatter Sack.

I would like to see shotguns aswell! Like in H3 was so funny :smiley:

Since they’re shortening up on the amount of playlists to play, I doubt a separate SWAT Weapon’s would be put in. Also, Scatter Sack, not original, Scat Sack, original.

SWAT ARs? Uh, that would totally lower the possibility of even double kills. Anytime it’s a 2v1 situation the two that are pelting bullets into the one guy would obviously win since they’re all no shields and can kill the lone person 2x as fast as he can kill them. Plus, if you get into an AR fight with someone, whoever wins will have nearly all of their health down, which means you can get maybe one kill per life (assuming that the people you are player are even half decent.) Precision weapons are much better for SWAT. I feel like shotguns would just encourage more camping than there already is in SWAT.

I like the idea of SWAT BRs, SWAT DMRs, and SWAT Magnums. I’d prefer if everyone in a SWAT match has the same weapons, instead of loadout options including weapons that aren’t UNSC made, because certain weapons are obviously better in different situations (ie, DMR long range, carbine at shorter range with a higher rate of fire. At long range the DMR user will have an advantage until the carbine user can get closer, and that’s not really what SWAT is about.)

I don’t think they’d go beyond having a separate gametype for BR’s and DMR’s, let alone add another for AR’s and so forth. But interesting thought, now I will be wondering this as well.

I’m thinkingthey’ll have 2 different SWAT gametypes though. Though I’m personally thinking everyone will vote over BR’s anyday.

Swat playlist with 4 or 5 gametypes, Carbine, BR, DMR, Pistol, and Shwatguns, Haha, seriously though, no shwatguns.

They’ll probably just have two loadouts in the normal gametype: BR/Mag and DMR/Mag.

I think it would be DMRs as default, as its single shot, more precise, and no bullet spread. The BR would give a lot more easy kills with bullet spread, like halo 3. However, there could indeed be a secondary gametype for Swat BRs that pops up every now and then.

I would also like to see Swat Magnums and Swatguns return(as somewhat rare game options) to add a bit of variety now and then. However, I think an AR would just completely ruin the feel of swat altogether, so im gonna have to respectfully say no to it.

A bigger question though. Do you think that the lesser precision weapons could spawn on the maps for use, like in halo 3? or will it completely be a 1 gun game?

umm i came up with SWAT ARs a long time ago… and it can give even overkills if used right. just ARs… its on. prepare to eat my bullets =)

I’m thinking all the likely options will be viable in. SWAT focuses on what? That’s right: precision weapons. We have five that we know of so far (excluding snipers): DMR, BR, Carbine, LR, and Pistol. Put them all together, and blam! SUH-WAT!!

I think SWAT will be amazing in 4, I just hope they don’t add SWAT magnums.

I’d like to see the two variants BR and DMR. AR just doesn’t sound good to me. I like swat because it’s hard wired me for headshots. Sometimes I get kills in swat and I think to myself “If I were that guy I would have just screamed bot.” Its a reason why my friends flat out refuse to 1v1 me. They know how good I am with headshots. My weapon of choice is the DMR and if I make a rough estimate over 50% of my kills are headshots and my accuracy should be about 60-70%.