Think there will be taunts/poses in halo 6?

  • Title speaks for itself…

That would be really cool. I think they should include it but people will probably complain that halo is copying COD :confused:

Emotes would be fun, it would further diversify players considering that we’re all spartans in spartan companies on infinity.

Ughh, please don’t give them ideas like this…

No, plsss no

If you remember the beta for Halo 5 the Spartans had a Dude bro kind of attitude hive fiving at the end of the match, I think they were going in this direction until people complained about it being goofy which is they way doom is going.

I hope not. I’m fine with in-game things but the after-match taunts and poses are stupid IMO.

From the Doom Beta…

You seriously want THIS to come to Halo?

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> From the Doom Beta…
> You seriously want THIS to come to Halo?

I wouldn’t mind the Carlton dance tho :wink:

I’d rather them not add emotes and poses on top of teabagging.

I’d rather Halo not turn to into the complete utter -Yoink- that is modern day gaming/FPS. They might be on their way there, with the whole micro-transaction thins and the -Yoink- food skins, but I’d rather 343 not take anymore notes from the CoD fanbase, etc. lmaoo

Halo had trouble pushing out content with what it has now. I don’t want them wasting time on something like that when we could be getting more maps and playlists (things that really matter) pushed out.

but if they manage to have time for it all, then, just maybe… I know many people would love it, me? Not so much.

It’d help with machinima. =)

if it stops t bags im in, just have a micheal jackson moon walk.
I dont think halo was supposed to be taken seriously, for ex grunts, and brutes, they’re just funny when your not needler-ing them

Yeah nothing says Halo like spartans doing the Carlton

No thanks

no no no nooooooooo. Halo should be M for Mature. MATURE.

Halo 2 had a mod which showed you the middle finger. Hopefully we get
taunt in the next game.

Lol I liked the goofy touch I wouldn’t mind if halo had some kind of executions either I was thinking more doom oriented and I am also hoping HALO goes back to being M rated…I mean the original trilogy is over…but when I say executions I mean when the shields pop at one shot…I want halo to be a little more grimy like 1 & 2… I always envisioned Spartans being very savage when it comes to hand to hand combat being able to beat an elite into a bloody purple unrecognizable mess or punt the -Yoink- out of a grunt…I only see a brute being able to stand a chance in a hand to hand combat scenario with a spartan…I always could foresee a spartan kicking the bloody hell out of covies and flood…I always thought of halo as violent and m rated maybe even a one shot disarm execution snatching the carbine out of an elites hands and smashing them in the head with it l Iike a baseball bat or even a stab to the mouth and a singular head shot…Call me crazy but I like 343i’s direction but interaction with things could change and a darker tone I guess I could picture soldiers violently killing marines mercilessly. Hmm. I am a day dreamer…I miss somethings about halo ce and 2 maybe the seemingly black comedy sadistic violence aspect. I also had a day dream about a halo gears crossover like a spartan spartan charging with a lancer chainsawing someone in half…I could only see halo getting more violent…I think Xbox has softened up a bit games were a lot darker back on oh Xbox…But I could see dismemberment with people being one shot and bloody messes especially with weapons like the saw…I dunno how it managed to go from M to T…an elites shield “popping” and being torn to shreds by a SAW variant…I am kinda off I used to stand over elites and shoot and melee them and paint the floor…But I saw taunts because T bagging is a thing and it would be cool to dance on a stronghold and catch a dome shot or a spnkr missile.

> 2533275016942754;7:
> I hope not. I’m fine with in-game things but the after-match taunts and poses are stupid IMO.

I was going to say the opposite lol i only like the after game taunts and poses but …not in game