Think I'm Out

The reasons why this game sucks have been thoroughly explored by the good people on Waypoint but I’ll summarize them here.
-Arena is hard to enjoy because Timmy Tryhard takes this game too seriously. Maps are bad too.
-Warzone is hard to enjoy because it’s a mess. Too much open travel space to get BR’d in for anything interesting to happen. All the wasted time.
-Campaign was… shudders
-Lack of game modes.
-No local multilayer
Gonna squeeze in a few last games with my brother then return my copy. I’ll take the fanboys’ advice and play MCC, and pray H3 becomes backwards compatible soon. I’ll borrow it again in a few months to see what they add. Hope you guys enjoy it, but I’ve fought Warden Eternal for the last time.

Okay, enjoy your alternate pursuits.