Think Halo 4 will be BC anytime soon?

I really hope Halo 4 becomes backwards compatible soon. Halo 5’s aiming is terrible at the moment (I like the game but the aiming makes it hard to enjoy). I’d rather play Halo 4 right now, but the MCC has one playlist and it’s pretty terrible (5v5? No ordnance drops?).

Even though its kind of what I’m asking them to do for me I wish 343 would not listen to these entitled crybabies and make games for them, and not these players who want no sprint, etc. Halo 4 had ordnance drops so they should be in the MCC playlist. The game should be how it was made in multiplayer as well cause it just feels off as 5 v 5, and no ordinance drops. (Not to mention the hot fix is not in MCC so DMR > BR? No good)

Regardless seeing they are NOT in MCC (no infinity slayer) then I’d like the be able to play my copy of Halo 4 on Xbox one seeing my 360 has to be overheated before I can even play it at this point. At least then I think I could likely find a game, and have the playlist options.

Think it will happen?

Yes. I want that to be available ASAP.