things you're looking forward to in halo 4?

yes, this is a spoof of another topic which was about negatives not positives so a positive spoof can’t hurt, better then all the negativity around these parts (i’m so guilty of this)

i’m looking forward to forge and customs, specifically expanding my knowledge of map design and branching out into new areas.

I don’t think there’s anything that i’m not looking forward to.

Campaign! spartan ops too! forge is looking good too!

  1. Campaign
  2. Finish campaign
  3. Play Spartan Ops
  4. Finish the episode 1 of Spartan Ops
  5. Go to multiplayer
  6. Kill all noobs

Campaign looks AMAZING…

Matchmaking looks really fun…
Basically everything ^.^

Pretty much everything about the game. I can’t wait to get my hands on the SAW, though. That thing is awesome!

I’m looking forward to FORGE!

No more yoinking bloom

> No more yoinking bloom

There’s bloom on the DMR, however minimal it may be…

Everything :smiley:

The multitude of MP character customization options.

I’m really big on character customization.

-Running through the campaign with my headphones on at night nonstop
-Running through it again in co-op
-The ridiculous amount of Spartan Ops missions and running through these solo and with friends
-Trying out all the new Forge options and maps and building my own
-Crazy fun custom games
-Customizing my loadout and spartan and jumping into multiplayer
-Making videos

I’m not as excited as I was with Reach, but I’m still eagerly anticipating the game.

Both Campaigns

Loadouts, forerunner enemies, new storyline, spartan ops, weapon drops, balanced AAs(hopefuly), the SAW, oddball & grifball throws, saying goodbye to halo reach & a new ranking system.

I’m glad (and also surprised) you’re not contributing to the negative posts it’s always good for some change :slight_smile:

OT: I’m looking forward to everything really but I’m especially. Looking forward to campaign and seeing how they changed the fighting style of the prometheans.

Nov. 6 here I come!

This doesn’t have enough posts! Halo 4 looks amazing so far! I’m so glad 343’s handling it so admirably.

Personally, I can’t wait for the whole experience (Especially the campaign), but beyond that, I CANNOT WAIT for the SAW, the Railgun, sprinting, customizable loadouts, skins, and TURRETS (holy crap! They added an armour mod for turrets! bows)

A new story to be told in Campaign, the graphics, the new weapons, the new forerunners, and a 100% free second campaign.

Lemme see. I’m excited for just about everything in the game. If I had to pick one thing though it would be the release.

I really can’t think of anything that I’m looking forward to. I’m neutral on a lot of new additions and features.

If I was forced to choose I would probably say the new enemies that might mix up the gameplay.

The armor. All that armor.