Things You'd Like To See Return In Infinite?

What are things and features you’d like to see in Infinite? I for one would like to see playable Elites return, Reach’s Spartan customization, some more Reach weapons, the fun Invasion game mode from Reach, and firefight.

Honestly I would love to see SMG’s come back to the game. I have no idea if this has been mentioned before or if my idea is silly but I sure do miss that weapon.

Campaign: The Arbiter! Hidden skulls.

Multiplayer: I made a topic separately but for social I want to see 5 Vs 5 return. I would love to see a Guardian remake too.

Lockout or Guardian

Nothing from Reach, and no classic maps that would be too small for Infinite’s gameplay e.g Guardian.

I want Sandtrap

-Reach inspired DMR cause It’s my precision weapon of choice.
-one change I’d like to make specifically would be to increase the size of the sniper rifles reticule. It’s a bit too small in my personal opinion. Id like it to be about the same as reach’s reticule for reference. However that’s a personal preference thing.
-reduce the recoil on the VK a bit and a small bit of rate of fire reduction for better control.
-playable elites would be nice and perhaps Invasion making a comeback. Good team work on invasion was so satisfying.
-weapon models swaps. Classic MA5D, Halo 2 BR, halo reach sniper rifle, etc. Be nice to see old models get updated and be a choice for us.
-vehicles from halo wars series. I’d like to see the Vulture from the FPS perspective wrecking -Yoink-, even if it’s just a thing you call in or a cinematic.

Playable elites
Non-forge made btb maps

Let’s goooo
Plasma rifle, with the stun ability as in CE. The Magnum pistol, maybe a slower holster time, and slower fire rate, but accurate aswell as powerful, but the magazin capacity is lower compared to the current pistol. SMG, needs to be like in Noble Strike, CSGO mod(-Yoink- fun weapon in that game!). DMR, slower fire rate than Commando, but more powerful shots. Mammoth and Elephant, those big vehicles. However I want more than 2 in a single big map. Rocket launcher scope. Oh and one more gun, THE SHOTGUN, maybe one shot in very close range, but slower firerate, and it needs to be reloaded individually, just like in CE, but a Halo 2A model. I don’t know if the sniper makes a trail when shot, but it surely need one, so no camping. Sprinting needs to be buffed, or removed. Maybe give it some extra controls when sprinting, maybe new melee animations, or I don’t know it just feels pretty pointless to have. Oh last one, more moving parts for the warthong, the tank has so many cool moving parts like the skirts, but the warthog has none.