Things you would like to see in Halo 4

now i would like to see what great ideas will come from you guys, so please shoot away no matter how ridiculous. i personally want to see one where you can alter your own gravity. lets say if you where next to a wall and hit your gravity button you could now walk on the wall for a short period of time. this would allow for fluid game play and change the course of halo by allowing a different type of game experience and maybe a special assassination and if your skilled enough… well just image. please feel free to leave any idea open and explore all possibilities. also think about dual wielding making a come back. and dont forget about that pelican i really hope its in forge mode

I think dual wielding would be great. I miss it from halo 3.


A wide skill gap in classic settings.

I’d also like to see a game mode where you start off with an assault rifle and magnum like in the previous games instead of your custom load outs or whatever they’re called.

Destructible environments in Forge (toggle on/off). It’s unlikely but I really want it.

Armor Lock…pleaz? for BTB only (anti-vehicle/splatter spree) and ODST’s smg and magnum.

> Destructible environments in Forge (toggle on/off). It’s unlikely but I really want it.

That would be really cool. especially if you can use it to kill your enemies.

The hornet

The men I’ve wanted to see in Halo since forever: the Red Team.

> <mark>The men I’ve wanted to see</mark> in Halo since forever: the Red Team.

You mind reading that to yourself… perhaps a few times?

-other Spartans in the campaign
-ability to toggle fall damage in multiplayer
-trait zones being able to affect certain teams
-lower weapons over Xbox LIVE (can settle for customs only)
-big forge-friendly maps
-Halo 2’s clan/team system
-some of the good Halo emblems (I hate how Reach got rid of my Rampancy emblem :O)
-most importantly: good, consistent multiplayer gameplay.

Scarab battles in Campaign. Taking those down in Halo 3 actually made you feel like a bad -Yoink- dood. Well I did anyway, lol. Especially on Legendary.


The Didact NOT trying to kill us. Man, think about fighting alongside him in campaign.

A good skill-based, visible ranking system, a balanced sandbox, more small, competitive maps, and Halo 3-esque playlists.