Things you NEED to know!

Ok so Iv been seeing a lot of post of this topics to I will update this to anyone who sees a common problem with this and post it here if need be.
If you’r going to post something about the story line to Halo and it has something to do with the end or a key plot point please put a Spoiler tag on it first.

The map packs, You were not scammed by gamestop! The map pack pass is a season pass when the maps come out they will be for free download for the people who bought the pass on the day it is released.

If you are having a problem with Lag or other connection problems, the servers are ALWAYS like this in game a few days after launch give it a few days and servers should be to normal.

Section 3
This is a community effort people we all have to work for this are are forums in here working out the code and I’m sure we have vary smart people working on it. Just keep a eye on the news feeds, If I find any code that is unlocked I will post them on here.