things wrong with halo 4 in my opinion

  1. Doesn’t show the commendations/challenges xp earn’t at end of a match.
  2. Doesn’t show your deaths for that match in game.
  3. Easy to hit the credit cap.
  4. Can’t move whilst viewing the score board (pauses your movement)
  5. Flood, the Flood are just op.
  6. There is no race game type. (For my custom game map that i and others will make)
  7. EMP on a mantis just seems to last much longer then all other vehicles.
  8. Suppressor is just as powerful as the saw so its like having someone start with a LMG in their load out.
  9. The instant respawn makes it near impossible to get an extermination.
  10. The spawn points are really bad in some maps, allowing you to die almost as fast as you spawn etc. you can instant respawn straight in front of the person who just killed you.

Please feel free to add to my list, but these are the issues i think 343 should fix.

  1. 343 discriminate against people named devils scythe91.

The Suppressor isn’t that great. Tried it, did worse than I did with an AR. Has been used against me, and I am pretty sure its never killed me.

I find the whole Ordinance Drops to be a huge issue. If Team A is dominating Team B, why give Team A power weapons to dominate further?

Ragnarok is another huge problem. This map was designed with the Battle Rifle in mind, not the DMR (which completely breaks the map, hence why I am going to stop playing BTB). Whoever controls the middle “mountain” wins the match.

The entire spawn system is also horrid. Kill enemy A, they just respawn 2-3 seconds later 30 feet away, and kill you. The spawn points are also terrible, and the whole “spawn near a teammate” thing has gotten me spawn killed several times on Ragnarok because I spawned just outside the enemy base.

Lack of a classic playlist. Seriously, if they had one, most of the complaining wouldn’t exist because everyone that doesn’t like the new features could just play the good ol’ fashion Arena gameplay with those features disabled.

Theater is also pretty lacking. No party theaters, and no campaign/spartan ops matches. Did it really take that much time and resources to implement a feature that has been around for the past few games? Same goes for Firefight, which should have been easy to do.

  1. vehicles. Just like in Reach, levels with vehicles in it are just unpleasant. If you’re going to get in the Banshee on Forerunner, expect to get gunned down very quickly, particularly by the Ghosts which have impossible aiming

  2. vehicle runs. The Ghost run was annoying (easily flipping, slowing down because I clipped a wing against the rocks), the Mantis run was disappointing (if we have to use it, there ought to be more enemies than just a bunch of mooks. 7 Knights isn’t very impressive), and the Broadsword run is just horrible (I am not much of a driver but I could appreciate The Maw run since it didn’t feel forced. An in-game timer would have been better than not being able to get past closing doors)

  3. Legendary difficulty. It’s still cheap. Halo 4 had promise, the Prometheans have a wide array of unique abilities and the Covies looked slightly improved. But it’s all wasted in that they’re damage sponges, they spam grenades, they often spawn with power weapons. It’s even worse in Spartan Ops. Halo 4 is still keeping what Halo 2 began: higher ranking Elites behave just like any other Elite except they have better armor and weapons. I wanted smarter AI, not these cheating -Yoinks!-

  4. ammo. In the campaign, you’re often sealed off from a previous area and precision weapons can run out of ammo if you rely on them (which is generally the best thing to do). But in SO, dropped weapons disappear so fast you’re left with the ones in the crates and the ones you spawned with… loadout customization becomes critical (this is most evident when facing Prometheans, you’ll want to spawn with Promethean guns).