Things We'd Like to See Return In Future REQ Packs

I’m not entirely sure how often 343 will be releasing new Requisition Packs like they recently released ‘Battle of Shadow and Light,’ but one can certainly hope that new requisitions will be released every month for a whole year. I guess you could say that these REQ pack bundles should be handled in the same manner as Spartan Ops in Halo 4.

What do we want to see? Weapons? Armor, Helmets, and Visors? New Vehicles? Stances? Assassinations? Emblems? All of the above?!

So far I’ve come up with a fair list of things that I’m sure that all sorts of Halo players would LOVE to see again…

  • Hayabusa - Helmet and Armor - Halo 3
    Because we all know that one guy that wants his Spartan to look like a ninja.

  • EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) - Helmet and Armor - Halo 3 & Halo Reach
    Perfect for fans that dig heavy armor.

  • Vanguard - Helmet and Armor - Halo 4
    I will wear the mess out of this helmet if they bring it back with a small visor around the square light in the middle of the helmet. It’s way too bad that I haven’t really been able to enjoy it much since it’s such a chore to unlock in Halo 4.

  • CQB (Close Quarters Battle) - Helmet and Armor - Halo 3 & Halo Reach
    This is another classic armor set missed by many that I’d also very happily wear if it made a comeback.

  • Oceanic - Helmet and Armor - Halo 4
    Who wouldn’t want their spartan to look like a Big Daddy from BioShock again?! I would.

  • Hazop - Helmet and Armor - Halo 4
    I was shocked that this armor set didn’t make the cut into Halo 5 after seeing how popular it was in the previous game.

  • JFO (Joint Firing Observer) - Helmet and Armor - Halo Reach
    People drooled over this armor set and the “Defender” armor in Halo 4 and 5 doesn’t do this set justice. Please bring it back with a hot new look.

  • Prefect - Helmet and Armor - Halo 4
    I felt like this armor set’s design was rushed through development before it was put into a Halo 4 DLC package. It would be nice to see this set redeemed and look more attractive.

  • CQC (Close Quarters Combat) - Halo Reach
    This was a fun helmet, but it’s due a redesigned appearance.

  • Rogue - Helmet - Halo 3
    Of course, since another set of armor took the name “Rogue” in Halo 4, this helmet will have to go by a different name.

  • Needle Rifle - Warzone Weapon - Halo Reach

  • Sticky Detonator - Warzone Weapon - Halo 4

  • Concussion Rifle - Warzone Weapon - Halo Reach & Halo 4

  • Brute Shot - Warzone Weapon - Halo 3

  • Spiker - Warzone Weapon - Halo 3 & Halo Reach

  • UNSC Grenade Launcher - Warzone Weapon - Halo Reach

  • Plasma Launcher - Warzone Weapon - Halo Reach

  • UNSC Double-Barrel Rocket Launcher - Warzone Weapon - Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, & Halo 4
    I think it’s safe to say that all of us miss the original Rocket Launcher.

UNSC air vehicle, nuff said.

Definitely some classic armors.

Hayabusa is not coming back due to certain copyright issues. That’s why they gave us Shinobi. I agree that all of those other armors should make a return.

Flaming Recon (blue and red variants) would be pretty sweet. Or even the skull helmet you got for reaching max level in Reach. Some old weapons returning for Warzone would be awesome too, especially the needle rifle.


I kinda figured that we’d never see the Hayabusa ever again, but it was certainly generous of 343 to give us the Raider and the Shinobi sets - both samurai-inspired armor permutations.

I also just realized that I completely forgot about a few vehicles that were a blast to use…

  • Chopper - Wazone Vehicle - Halo 3
    This thing was too much fun. You could bulldoze Spartans and small vehicles as well as shoot holes through just about anything.

  • Revenant - Warzone Vehicle - Halo Reach

  • UNSC Hornet - Warzone Vehicle - Halo 3
    I’d like to see a Phaeton or a Banshee take on one of these. (I’m pretty sure this is what you’re talking about, Demon177666.)

  • UNSC Falcon - Warzone Vehicle - Halo Reach
    I called these “Ospreys” instead, and they were a force to be reckoned with when they had two gunners.

Emile’s armor I would never wear anything else

Definitely need a lot of stuff to return. I’m more preferable to weapons than armour though. Plus we need to watch out for weapons being to similar to one another like the concussion rifle and brute shot.
I love pretty much every weapon in the serious and lore. Like the needle pistol, it didn’t feature in the games but has featured in a book (Ghosts of Onyx).

Weapons that I would like to return:
UNSC: One of the 8-round Magnums as a loadout, give it a better zoom when smart scoping, slightly slower fire rate but bump up the damage
The 60-round AR from HaloCE, similar fire but less recoil than the SMG, bit more damage, longer reload.
Grenade Launcher from Reach, doesn’t really need to change much but could shrink the EMP radius to make vehicle players a little happier (I think that was the main complaint on that weapon)
Sticky Det: personally not a fan but with the right tweaking should be more interesting, better range, bigger arc, shorter timer until auto explode, magnetises to vehicles when close enough.
Flamethrower: basically, make it like it was in HaloCE but functions more like H3’s

Covenant: Plasma rifle: the iconic Sangheili weapon, in halo reach it was really effective once you knew how to use it, modify damage to match the H5 gameplay but function as it did in halo Reach (same overheat rate, same fire rate, same accuracy) since it’ll be able to fire for longer it shouldn’t be as strong as the current storm rifle
Brute plasma rifle: seems pointless but the higher fire rate will make it useful against individual players, but the higher overheating rate will make it more risky. Could make it a better REQ
Plasma Repeater: being able to manually vent and since it never actually stops shooting, just slows down, it could be a weaker but more useful version of the current storm rifle. Plus it looks better to me (more like a plasma weapon)
Needle Rifle: Basically don’t change its function at all but modify the damage to match H5 gameplay
Focus rifle: Again, in the right hands its lethal, doesn’t need to change much
Concussion rifle: I prefer reach’s to 4’s simply because it was fun to use on vehicles, literally pushing them around. 3 hit kill so it doesn’t need to change much
Brute Shot: Now since the concussion has 6 rounds, caster has 5, the brute shot should be like H2’s with 4 rounds, just wondering if it should function as H2’s or H3’s
Plasma launcher: The covenant cross of a spartan laser and a fuel rod cannon, able to lock on with out zooming/smartscoping, maybe a faster charge speed is all it needs
Spiker: Shouldn’t really change its function, maybe projectile speed could change a little and modify damage.
Mauler: Increase its effective range but balance the damage, so point blank is the only guaranteed lethal range unlike the shotgun.
Spike grenade, I like the conical blast radius it had, throw it at the wall behind someone and you’ll probably kill them if they don’t notice it

Forerunner: Sentinel beam

Other weapons:
Gauss sniper, used by Sgt Johnson at the start of the book “Contact Harvest”. Make it a single shot weapon, slow reload, more effective against vehicles than players, does normal sniper damage to players
Needle pistol: Function more like the needle rifle, smaller clip, 4-5 needles for super combine, but can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger
Energy cutlass: a jackel weapon, more energy than a sword, less lunge range
Energy stave: the ones from halo wars, more range than a sword, less energy, can be blocked by melee

Improved/Legendary weapons
Halo3 Carbine: It could kill with a headshot if the shield was low enough like the BR, upgrade its appearence but keep its colour scheme and general shape the same, give a fancy name
32-round AR- Work as it did previously, not Reach its fire rate was slower, either H3 or H4, balance damage accordingly, give it a fancy name.
Halo2/3 Beam rifle- let it fire more times before overheating
The arbiter’s sword from halo wars, basically prophets bane but with a different appearance
Halo2/3 Energy sword: basic sword, just cosmetic
Classic fuel rod cannon, the new ones rounds don’t arc, either model (2/3 or reach/4) will do

On the case of vehicles:
Hornet and Falcon, hornet shouldn’t be very accurate because it just so powerful, the falcon should have both machine gun and grenade launcher variants and should be able to carry passengers.
Classic banshee, slower, more armoured, but keeps the pilot exposure at the back, Reach/4 banshee, faster but low armour, player isn’t exposed
Spectre: can carry more more passengers and make it mobile like a ghost
Prowler: make its plasma bolts slower but stronger, driver is more exposed and it can’t strafe
Revenant: Pretty well armoured, decent damage and speed, quite liked this vehicle
Chopper: glorious thing, driver is exposed but its damage output was phenomenal
Locust: Halo wars vehicle, could make it function like a focus rifle, though more effective against vehicles, slow to walk, heavily armoured but hopefully easy to mount

Legendary vehicles
Hawk: over powered version of the hornet from halo wars, just make it function the same really, but don’t buff the armour too much
Grizzly: more armour, two barrels so double damage, but slow to move and slow barrel rotation
Anti air wraith: Don’t let it fire continuously, rather fire from the 6 chambers in pairs all at once, the recharge the rounds like the other tanks.

Grav hammer, classic rocket launcher and even the HaloCE magnum are coming back in december as legendary/mythic REQs

Halo 2 Spectre, in all it’s shiny maroon smooth sexiness

I miss the Plasma Rifle too.

The Plasma Repeater was also ton of fun when you got your hands on one, but that weapon paved the way for the current Storm Rifle.

And 343 would have to be crazy not to bring back the Gravity Hammer.

Does anyone miss the Focus Rifle from Halo Reach?