Things to improve on

Ranked needs to either be switched to a system requiring Headsets and no party chat. Or there needs to be separate ranked for both options (no headset and headset)

There should be a large set of campaign challenges that unlock exclusive armour, coatings, etc for multiplayer. Such challenges as kill X amount of (insert enemy here), or get X amount of kills with (insert weapon here). It would supply more content to those who have the campaign and entice more players to want to buy or play campaign more. Even earning credits through campaign challenges would increase the playability of things to work towards.

Pre and post game lobbies should return with the inclusion of a team up option, at the minimum for social playlists.

An option in settings to visually see voice chat in game so you know who’s talking.

An option in settings to change names to service tags (current option doesn’t work), and to resize the names or service tags. “On my X” has been a call out for years and now you can barely tell where people died, and if you can good luck reading Johnny2tone8583 gamertag before it no longer matters.

Aftermath report could be more detailed. Where’s the tool of destruction? My longest spree? I just feel it’s lacking a few staple features of Halo.