Things to fix (The store) / items

Not enough available at any one time. weekly rotation.

  • bi weekly rotation and a slot re roll option.

Past store items are vaulted, probably gone forever?
-include daily rotating ‘vaulted slot’

Unpredictable drops of desired gear

  • favorites system for an extra weekly challenge to prioritize ( but not guarantee) a preferred customization piece(s) as reward.
    -and a chart to see atleast the next couple weeks store items in advance

An armor piece only coming in a $10-20 bundle with other parts you may or may not want.

  • still have to wait for that bundle, but individual pieces can be bought from within.
  • Symbol indicates partial purchase of a bundle if it appears later and its cheaper with parts purchased earlier.

Did i leave anything out that could be fixed?

More items in general.
Potential to earn a chosen store item weekly.
Reserved space for past season/ vaulted items.
Twice per week rotation.

To ensure all items appear more than once.