Things to Fix/Patch Thread

This thread was going to be created sometime. Let me make something clear. Playing Halo 4 is very refreshing compared to what Reach gave us. Nonetheless, there are problems that should be fixed/patched.

I got this from CursedLemon on the HaloCouncil forums and thought it to be beneficial to post here.

Things to fix/patch:

Show teammates death area on map (red X/spartan tag number/give us something)
Playlist overhaul (Add: snipers, doubles, grifball, fiesta playlists. Merge obj playlists, etc.)
Active Roster in alphabetical order
Join-In-Progress toggle
Auto-pickup toggle
Sprint toggle
Ability to drop the flag
Static weapon timers
Assault gametype
Visible ranks (rumored that we can see our own rank but cannot see anyone else’s)
Theater for Campaign/Spartan Ops.
Campaign scoring/timers
Fix theater to have voices
Active roster/voting lobby party grouping (being able to tell who is in a party with who)
Precision forge controls
Show teammates death area on map (red X/spartan tag number/give us something)
Being able to move while pressing the back button
Show scoreboard on BTB respawn screen
Spectator Mode
Fix Games Won to include any game won in War Games (currently is just Infinity Slayer that counts towards it)
Why are all names in capital letters?

Many of these things are trivial but let’s make a good game better!

first thing to fix … stupid forum locations

solution, have a thread called : SPAM

I completely agree with everything you have listed there, along with just some load out weapons and grenades being spawned on the map. I prefer halo 1-reach style weapon spawns over ordinance drops and it would be nice to see this in some playlists, but thats just my opinion. I can see this game being absolutely amazing after some small changes.

I want to be able to change my color in custom games like Flood. Why the hell is everyone DAY GLO GREEN? What was wrong with using our own team colors like in Halo 3 and Reach?

I agree with everything, especially the playlists there needs to be more. I love this game so far but there are some things that need to change

I only have 2 problems and they BOTH can be fixed with a simple update that won’t need any major game overhaul.

  1. No proximity voice for team games. This ruins some custom games ( also there is an option to turn it on and off but it doesn’t work. )

  2. Flood can’t pick up/or spawn with weapons ( Ruins some other custom games )

Another thing I’d like to see: An option to disable the killcam. Not just as a global thing in custom games, but in matchmaking. I don’t want to see that the guy who killed me wasn’t even aiming at me when I died, that’s just rubbing salt in the wound.

The lack of Theater and Scoring is really making me NOT want to play the Campaign again or Spartan Ops.

They need to fix grenades hit detect radius on environments as well, ive noticed grenades bounce off walls and other jobs a couple feet before they actually hit them.

I tried to arc a sticky just over a rock and as it was going over it bounced without even touching the rock, waste of a good sticky :frowning:

There’s more to flood and forge.

  • Can’t spawn weapons on map, ignoring ordinance system.

  • No AA individuality

  • Alpha abilities lasting one use/one life, when respawned alpha traits are gone for no reason.

Custom Flood games are essentially broken. It really sucks, because it’s my favorite game type and I was excited to see an overhaul.

I thought this was going to be some BR vs DMR complaint thread or something of the sort. But no, these are actually all legitimate, reasonable requests. I completely agree with all of them.

The only thing they need to add is zoom and precision mode in Forge. That is all besides the occasional bug fix.

People zoomed in should be unzoomed when hit.

You should be able to still move while checking the score.

Thruster pack buff.

Team SWAT.

We need good connection search option.

ordinance drops have got to go im done with this game im staying on reach bring back normal team slayer and here are some more things they need to patch

slow down the game play this isent cod

People zoomed in should be unzoomed when hit

rifles shoot way to fast br,dmr,carbine, and so on

aiming is way to easy

custom load outs have got to go again feels like cod

i want my halo back 343 you better do something or call bungi for some help cause this is not going to work for us

*Playlist something new and all of the best from the past.
*I wish you could change the color of your aiming point, for some reason in this halo its hard as hell to see when your aiming at the blue team.
*It blows when you start into matchmaking and it puts you in a game thats almost done then everyone leaves after the rounds over then it takes 10 mins to find more people to join.

Sound FX need to be checked again 343…the banshee bomb is silent and so is the energy sword. please fix it.

this is not my video but this needs to be fixed as well i though aiming was way to easy now i know why

As we all know the Hit box for headshots is kinda crazy on Halo 4, take a look for yourself to see just how crazy.

-Fix the laggy main menus.
-Fix the sounds, they are extremely messed up, they get cut off, etc.
-Killcam glitches