Things to discuss for Halo Infinite!

So Halo Infinite is announced and we don’t know anything about it yet! It’s too early so I think we should start saying 343 Industries what we want for Halo Infinite! I will say the things that I want and I want to hear everyone’s opinion! This is OUR GAME! We must say 343 Industries what we want for it and we should should start now that the game is in early development! I will say some things and I want you to give a + in whatever you like and a - in whatever you don’t like! For example… 1 +, 2-, 3-, 4+ etc.

  1. Fix the theater! Theater is important for many guys! It should be fixed! At the end everything should be perfect in the best game! Right?
  2. Gameplay: The gameplay should be similar to Halo 5’s gameplay! Maybe sprint should be limited and some other small things may change as well be the core gameplay should be like Halo 5’s! Classic playlist would be good as well!
  3. Story: 343 Industries said in the past that Halo 6’s(Halo Infinite) story will focus on Master Chief! Yeah that’s sounds good but show us other characters too! Master Chief should be our main character but it would be fun if we play with someone else in 2 or 3 mission! Focus on Master Chief but don’t forget the other iconic Halo characters! Don’t forget what happened with Halo 2!
  4. Split Screen! I know they announced Halo Infinite will have split screen but I just wanted to mansion that! I’m so happy!
  5. Can you improve Forge? I’m just wondering! As what I hear (I don’t use Forge) Halo 5’s Forge was perfect! Can you make it even better? We’ll see!
  6. Art Style: I like both of the old and new Art Style! As I have noticed most people like the old Art Style but there are still people that like the new Art Style! I think a mix of both would be great for everyone!
  7. Micratransactions: I know that you are company and you want to make money and Halo 5’s customization really works good compare to the other games! But it still needs changes to be perfect! My suggestion:
    Bronze Packs: Common REQs
    Silver Packs: Uncommon to Rare REQs
    Gold Packs: Ultra Rare to Legendary REQs or in the worst scenario Rare to Legendary REQs
  8. Customization: Add more customization options! Like Halo Reach!
  9. Warzone: It should stay for sure! I don’t play Warzone but some guys do! I don’t find a reason to remove it!
  10. Spartan Rank: The XP needs to get max Spartan Rank on Halo 5 is way to big! The XP needed for SR 150 is just perfect! Maybe a little decrease would be fine!

That’s it guys! I tried to mention almost everything! I’m sorry if I forgot something! Now it’s up to you guys!

We have a number of wish list threads on the go now, feel free to use the existing threads to add your feedback