Things to be removed before H4 drops

First of all, the credit cap needs to go away. People are going to stop playing halo reach when H4 hits the shelves for the most part. I don’t ever hit the cap because I don’t want to honestly stop playing because of it. When i’m off work and not playing with my newborn son(who’s initials are DMR, by accident i might add) i’m playing Reach.

Another thing that needs to go is the quit ban for FFMM. 95% of the time, when i play FF other than score attack, i lag out and it says the other people quit but when the game is done, i’m banned. This isn’t exactly fair. My connection is fine. Open Nat and a 6 meg line with only my xbox running off of it besides 2 LG Marquee smartphones with Juice Defender(an app which disables WIFI when the screen is off 100% of the time). So my connection isn’t the problem. AFKing should still hit you with a ban but connection dropping shouldn’t. There is a big difference between the two. So i’m confused on why this still happens. I’ve called my provider, and had them look at the lines, the drops, and even the Redback server that our internet runs off of. Zero problems. I even had my old roommate who is a Line Tech for Comcast come out and look at it to make sure there wasn’t any problems. They cant find anything wrong. So it has to be people who are given hosting privileges.

So why is 343i still punishing players who play legit but still run into these problems? Will recoding that take honestly that much time or resources? They fixed the glitched achievements Bungie goofed up with… so why not remove the cap and the quit ban from FFMM if when you end a game, your stats still upload?