Things to add to halo waypoint

Suggestions for site

File shares

Let us render vids whether it be paid or not


In carrer overview give the ability to see a list of all my achievements

Let us view each others career overview, challenge progress, and cea stats

Bring over halo 2,3,odst, and wars stats to this site, bring them over the way they exactly are at and, they look and work fine and there is no need to do more work than is needed

Suggestions for mobile app

Add forms

Add The ability to view all data on this site, so universe, community, games, news, front page, twitter feed, store, and the ability to view pictures and videos within these sections

Missing stats for reach

Halo Cea stats

Halo 2,3,odst, and wars stats

Waypoint career stats

Remove status bar in app and make use of that room

Suggestions for xbox app

Give us the choice to view all our achievements like in the previous version with the big list and such.

Give us the ability to view our milestone history info like the previous version

It seems you guys removed career compare for some reason, please bring it back.

Cea stats

Possibly halo 2,3,odst, and wars stats.


Atlas suggestions

Add campaign tracking possibly, so we can see weapons on each mission overview of the map, weapons, allies, and possibly enemies.

Maybe in some service you guys make in the future that includes an expanded file share and render minutes similar to bungie pro you can include atlas for your computer

Anything else do you guys think would be a good idea?

Atlas for halo 4

Waypoint mobile has Reach stats. Have you tapped on your Spartan yet?

Which is why i said missing stats for reach because it is missing quite a bit worth of stats.

So, what stats are you expecting to see there? It has stats by weapon and enemy as well as the same stats details that WP7 has… plus game history.