Things to add: Diversity, Characters, Weapons.

    First: I’d like to see a new grenade type. It would be a non lethal grenade that teleports you to thrown location. Exploding when you activate it and shutting down your shields.
    Second: If they could re-add all the guns & vehicles from every single Halo game. It would definitely increase the diversity of the game and Forge as well.
    Third: Space Slayer. Basically slayer in space ships.
    Fourth: More character customization. I would lave to choose between a Spartan, Elite, Brute, and Forunner characters. Also adding more diversity.
    Fifth: Forunner vehicles. Land, air, space, and mech vehicals for the Forunners would be awesome! Again creating more diversity.- Purple TP grenade- Re-add all guns of all Halo games- Re-add all vehicles of all Halo games- Space Slayer- Elite, Brute, & Forunner custom characters- Forunner Vehicles

Not sure if trolling or small child

agreed but they would have to decide which games version of the weapon, having two versions of the exact same weapon with the same name it would be hard to figure out what the most-powerful is.(obviously CE for magnums)