Things that you want 343i to reconise (idears) for halo4

when there’s a idea if u agree say so.

more helms.

more armour colours.

2 armour effects lightning and confetti.

a map for forge that has no boundrys and have it where u can place water anywhere.

in forge u should be able to purchase dead bodies and cusomise them like with helms colours ect.)

u should be able to get cracked visors just like in halo reach.

have master chiefs orangy visor and have a lot more colours.

in movie scenes show the weapon u actually have.

infinite money and items in forge.

have more armour ability’s.

u should be able to do something like free-running.

have a disk that has all of the halo music.

have ammo boxes.

at the start of vs rounds ur in a chyro tube.

for infection there should be an evac u need to get to when theres like 3 people left while happening there should be some ai( game itself ) controlling them.

more maps for invasion.

u no in forge how u can change the colour of building and stuff u should also be able to colour vehicles.

for infection humans should be able to betray so other person gets ammo.

armour pieces come off your armour.

u no service tags u should be able to have 5 or 6 letter numbers.

a game type that involves invasion and infection.

me and my bro made a map its called hell janitor we workedon it 4 3 days and tried to perfect it and it is built 4 infection and we tried to make it bungie 343i aprovil so maybe (hopefuly) it will be a matchmaking map for halo 4/ reach and we hope bungie, 343i and random people play it because we did not put in stupid random ideas bungie 343i and those random people i hope u agree to have it as a matchmaking map and we dont mind if u edit it so it can be mathmaking aproved even though we r not profencianal we think its a brilliant map and not just because we made it we promise we will never relase cr** maps so far it is only able to be played on halo reach forge world and again its called Hells Janitor if u cant find it go to that inhanced search and type in my gamer tag JI17MasterchIef


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That, the same way we make king of the hill maps, there should a sphereical boundry. Also with that Sperecal boundry, we can set it to a new option. Which makes everything to be pulled to that one object. So we could have a giant Sphere forge piece, set the option and WHAPPAH! Mario Galaxy maps

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