Things that would make HW2 multiplayer Better

I been playing HW2 for a couple weeks now since I got it and yea somewhat still experince from HW1 multiplayer somewhat lol. But yea its good to have good battles and I do like some of the changes from hw1 to hw2 that was cool like getting the upgrade to get to this certain tech lvl to get the other upgrade and units to make. But the thing I noticed mostly in every maps though still didn’t try a couple lol. But I noticed that the maps are mostly empty spaces and when you go to a base slot or mini base even if your new you think there would be at least like a enemy AI base that would be hostile to both red team and blue team. All the sudden theres nothing there but just the slot. Like I’m more like in HW1 matches this is how I mostly start with a little squad army to take out one or 2 AI bases to A. get resource after killing the defending AI squads and then B. Get the base to be able to build over it. But like I said they are not on there which like I said is boring there to my opinion. Like I talk to a friend that I did a few hw2 games on phone and discuss our ideas and the Ideas are like from me are. A: have AI bases on the empty base slot It could be rogue Banished, or Unsc army, or the forerunner base like from HW1 but upgrade it to have shields on the base, or since ATN is around the corner add flood bases and make the flood tough on there bases. B. Have enemy AIs patrolling the maps like more likely flood units or Forerunner units like any sentinels units and do respawn but random areas. My last idea C. All of the above. These are my ideas just to make the maps more fun and give them also character to them as well. Hope 343 Reads this and agrees with my ideas it could be option A,B, or C. If you guys want to say your idea as well I put this on 2 other forum areas cause I don’t know where 343 mostly looks in. Also If you want to see comparison and what I mean of how I got my ideas I memories it from when playing HW1 alot lol. But if you want please do check one of hw1 games I cover HW1 I selected from my playlist I put on my youtube channel and HW2 HW2 online match not against AI kinda not what I was expecting that quick lol on my youtube channel also But my gameplays if you do check them out they are non commentary. Also I capture them from mixer.

I think those are all good ideas however a few game breaking things need to be fixed for multiplayer.

  1. super units: these units are great and are absolutely better balanced then in HW1 in that they die faster however in their current state all normal games are centered around rush these units by sending resources to a friend so they can get this unit early and dominate the field. Possible fixes: have the unit on a timer, currently you can spawn these units as soon as you have the resources and level so if a timer was implemented making them spawn able after 10 minutes of playing.
  2. in blitz currently unit levels effect ranked too much: right now in blitz their is a 1v1 mode where units are all set to level 6 which is great because it forces a balance in units and makes players have to be tactical, I love this mode because I don’t play to often meaning that A) I don’t pay for blitz packs and B) I don’t get many challenge packs. The big problem with ranked blitz is that you can have level 4 and 5 things which is good but you can face level 6 to 9 things and strategy can just be thrown out the window. In a recent match I played with a friend in 2v2 we had level 4 and 5 stuff facing off against level 9 and 10 things I dropped inferno on top of the enemy army and to insult or maybe pitty me he set his army to stand in the power and take the damage before attacking, when he attacked he lost maybe one unit while being attacked by a decent sized defending army with 3 artillery units backing it up. For ranked I would suggest the levels being set to 6 so people are ranked on their skill not how much time or money they spent.