Things that would make Halo Infinite multiplayer better

  1. Let’s regress a bit and take a look at one of the best armour customizations in halo history, (halo reach) and the best way for players to unlock “all basic” armor. I’ve mentioned this before with a couple of my friends, and they seem to agree, that the way halo reach introduced its grind, was fair and fun. Being able to buy armour through getting credits by in game play. This could open alot of doors for the customization of players, and allow more accessible armour combos, if the armour was able to be bought individually. For 343s sake, if you need a money grab or a reason for the season pass, just add armour kits, armour shaders “created by artists”, and vehicles skins to the battle pass, instead of just base armour. The suits of metal badass should be available to all players, not just ones with money.

  2. Shaders. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, “WE AS A COMMUNITY DONT WANNA PAY FOR BASE COLOR SHADERS” we want to be able to choose colors like blue, red, black, sage, brown, ect without micro-transactioning. Its fine if you have shaders like that hcs set an anniversary shader, or some specialty shader, and yes I know their are some free shaders, but to be fair, people “some not all” want more options.

  3. Emblem customization. We are now hindered by the emblem presets and color presets. This is ridiculous, its bad enough that our freedom to customization is being blocked by the battle pass, but now we can’t change our background, our foreground, secondary, or our colors to better enhance our custom experience, this really should also get an overhaul. I know its hard to overhaul this, so why not do this as a solution, make a program that can be accessed on pc to make a customized emblem and saved it like a map on your file share. To allow use for all players wanting more customization.

  4. Biggest complaint, THE EXP GRIND. My God this is taking up all of the time I have just to get to level 1 to at least 5, rn im a level 43 “i payed my way their” but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play 24/7. I think its a good thing to allow people to pay ahead in the battle pass for people who have the money, but that eliminates the reason for the grind. Still the grind is way to hectic, and takes way to much time, that grind should be shortened.

If anyone has anyone who wants to add to my topic, solution, or anything that relates to this topic, please do so. Let’s the the creativity from the halo community.

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If you dont mind, I made a thread to try and consolidate all of the feedback into one easy to follow thread. the name of the thread is

changes ideas and overall feedback for all