Things that we want* in Infinite

  1. Firefight.
  2. Forge.
  3. Item shop needs to update a little more frequently. Maybe every 3-4 days rather than weekly.
  4. Crosscore (at least for colors).
  5. 4 player splitscreen for matchmaking.
  6. Custom game browser.
  7. A customizable armor coating.
  8. More campaign rewards for multiplayer (and not a bunch of weapon coatings).
  9. Maybe a crossover event?

What are y’all’s opinions on these ideas?


Number one priority right now besides content should be fixing the game. Bugs such as desync and shot reg need to be fixed asap. It causes so much havoc.

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Personally I don’t have these issues, or maybe I can’t tell the difference between normal gameplay and lag cause of my internet.

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We need the MVP medal and assassinations to come back.


Firefight is the mode I’m really missing. I vastly prefer PvE over PvP.


Forge imo should be priority number 1. What this community of Spartans make is completely and utterly out of this world amazing and beautiful!


Sounds like you’ve got that Wendy’s internet Spartan. Yikessss

A mission where you either are on a scarob defending it or manually pilot it

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Yeah man my internet is worse than stormtrooper aim

Needs dinos and the option to get rid of the glow around players and restore red vs blue!

I believe “Things that we want in Infinite” is a better title for this topic. Need is reserved for things that the game actually needs to function. Wants are personal thing people want.

When it comes to games, practically everything is a want, and not a need lol. A good example of a need is “I need Oxygen in order to survive” for instance.

nitpicking aside. These are probably my wants for the game.

  1. Custom Game Browser - these just need to come back in general for online games. These will be there for those who want the most casual experience in halo infinite.

  2. Region Selection when looking for hosts - This is the best way to reduce lag/dsync, allow us to prioritize locations from which we find servers from before anything thing else is considered.

  3. Improvements in AI - This can be done gradually, but AI is lacking, yet still needed in several aspects of the game. AI for Campaign, both with the Banished and the Marines, AI for vs bot matches, AI for Fire Fight if we ever get that, AI for teammates when they have to take over because a worthless person left us. So trying to improve them, even if gradually over time, can help problems in multiple ways.

  4. Turn coatings, both armor, weapons and vehicles, into pattern based, and allow us the option to pick what color each part of the pattern is. Then give us a scale to pick how dirty or clean the armor is. How it is now is just waaay to strict, and peoples desire to personalize their stuff is completely reliant to the Dev’s and Artists picking everything for us instead of us picking for ourselves.

  5. Small balances tweaks to better balance out everything, based of facts and not opinions going forward. Opinions can be considered bare in mind, but facts are preferred and prioritized is all.

  6. Obviously Forge for those who enjoy it to expand the casual exprience with the inclusion of a Custom Server Browser.

  7. Further improvements to online play in concerns to anything that can improve performance to optimize the enjoyment for everyone.

  8. I’d like to see improvements to campaign to give us more bang for a buck as well. I mentioned wanting to see random encounters across the land, like marine and banished skirmishes, all of which can vary by size that you can engage in. To the point you might see a huge battle that includes vehicles and what not driving all over the place.

  9. Custom controls for different inputs. The biggest one right now that I’d want personally is just allow us to fix the controls for the Scorpian Tank. While I feel I figured out how it works, I think it could be simplified significant in a way to make it just better over all. ( aka, Mouse controls only the turret of the vehicle, WASD controls turning and moving forward and backward, where you look no longer changes how WASD functions at all, W always move the tank forward from where the treads are facing, S will always move the tank backwards, and A and D only turn the vehicle left or right respectively and that’s it! )

I’ll probably add more going forward, but for now this is enough.

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I would really like to see the DMR come back as an update weapon. That was my go to weapon since it came out in Reach.

I really like these ideas dude. The dirtiness scale would be awesome for players like myself who loved Halo Reach’s grungy/dirty art style.

Also what Carterb2424 said about bringing the DMR back. Yes.

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3 features to add before the release of the co-op campaign.

• Add a match making feature in order to find others players easily.
• Increase the rate of the loading times since currently it’s lags a lot.
• Fix issues with UV textures because of the enemies and players going thru the mesh of the certain objects.

Please and thank you.

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You can change your controls on xbox in the accessories app

I want to add a thing where you tap a button in campaign that says find a co-op partner and you can choose the number of players then it matchmakes like muiltplayer. We also NEED forge

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Defiantly something I am looking forward for.
Lots of fun.
Would appreciate if we can have some more customization to how we can start a game and play/search for open seats.

I think after the co-op campaign it should be the next focus and should, relatively, be an easy win:

  1. Use the Banish camps/forges as the main basis
  2. Limit the open world to a smaller map
  3. Use the same networking as the campaign

I agree. Ever since it debuted in Halo 3: ODST, Firefight quickly became one of my favorite game modes. I played it the most with my younger siblings who were not the best at PVP, which meant matchmaking and custom games were out, but still wanted to play Halo with me, when I was online. Halo Firefight was the best, and I hope 343 is able to get this game mode added back soon!

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I like your firefight, forge, splitscreen, and campaign item unlock ideas. I think they could add previously released items from seasons one and two into the armorys when they update the game. That would probably increase the gameplay overall. Custom browser may come with time. I think 343 is doing what they can atm, but we just need to be patient and keep telling them ehat we want. I would like to see custmizable armor coatings too. I like a lot of the color combos, but some are just not great.

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I play this game on my PC in Steam…