Things that they should take out and bring back and new things in halo 4

I think they should bring back the chopper,smgs,dual wielding,specters,hawks,grizzleys,brute shot,xp points. I think they should take out the sword from halo reach and make it like in halo 3,lots of good forge maps like in halo 3 not like halo reach were you only had forge world,armor abilities. New thing are like make an emp grenade and make the bubble shield like it was in the halo 3 trailer were it was a grenade, so what im saying is make it a grenade, also add new vehicles like the one from halo legends the package the one they used to get to the ships, also they should make a map in space and be able to use sabers, pelicans, the vehicle mentioned before,longsword,seraph,phantom,etc.