things that should happen in Halo 4

I have a few ideas to make Halo 4 better then it is right now. my first idea and most important is, Why would you make a default weapon choice ( as in the bolt shot) a one shot kill. It would make the game so much better if you just made the bolt shot a ordnance drop or a gun around the map then i would be able to the the one shot usage.
my 2nd idea is What happen to Team snipers?? It was a very good game type and it was only out for a week or so. It would be awesome if it was a all time game time we could play.
my 3rd idea is about the game in general, I was a big fan of Halo 2 and Halo 3. But for some reason Halo 4 seems so Noob friendly u can be bad at the game and still be good.
those are my ideas i would love to see some of my ideas be put into the game but we will see i hope people feel the same way as i do. as i been hearing it alote in Halo 4.