Things that should be implemented to MP

So with halo infinite being out for several weeks and people saying that it feels unbalanced I feel of being a fan for a while I could maybe give my two cents regarding multiplayer, ill start with the balancing of weapons

Weapons- Bloom, ok now hear me out not halo reach type bloom where its always changes when firing but distance bloom, for ar it would be if the enemy is a certain distance it starts to change up the bullet spread making it more viable to either use midrange weapons or the pistol to help close the gap of killing someone outside of the ar’s range encouraging different gun uses

Plasma/Physical/Forerunner- Should all feel different, and should be good for different types of stuff like plasma is suited for shield shredding but physical can keep up with that so it should be a bit stronger in that regard, physical should be able to keep up a good amount of damage and be able to be more precise than plasma but have that bloom function from earlier, forerunner should be a mix of both but have more wacky uses such as cindershot being a bounce weapon, heatshot SHOULD be a multiplier bounce shot so when it hits an object the projectiles multiply and make it more unique than a shotgun that bounces, sentinel beam a close range focus that can go through multiple enemies

Also make more weapons more varied, like t he cindershot is just a reskinned fuelrod 3 and bruteshot 2

Melee- gosh melee, uh there should be a melee clash function because the many times I have hit an enemy only to get hit back and we both die, is just so freaking stupid, it needs a higher skill level and should be a test of who can actually react correctly, and if you do clash make it so you have a chance of firing back like a old western of who can get the shot off first

Weapon racks/weapons in general- more, we need more of them and we need more weapon types, right now the current selection of weapons is TOO tiny and the weapons that do spawn are just too little, like sometimes its a hydra or a cindershot, heatwave or shotgun; but why not have them rotate mid-game? making it a bit more fun to see. ALSO add past weapons that have not been relevant, such as the plasma repeater, magnum (not reach or ce kind, nerf it a bit cmon), smg, spiker, brute shot, carbine, flame thrower and others


Maps and spawns- maps need way way more variety and needs to be a whole rework with how some maps are 4v4 but others are just 8v8, that one 4v4 map we all hate Launch site should not be in a freaking 4v4 map, its TOO BIG maybe a 6v6.

Spawning in the game is so stupid, because it places you too close to enemies and get mowed down, there needs to be a system for detecting and placing you in spots that are not close to them, reach had this, 4 had this, and 5 had this; but where is it now?

Overhead- overheat needs to be more prevalent with some energy weapons because it feels like most of the weapons have it as optional which is just, kinda really stupid? Like why would i use cindershots cool down? it does it for me and it doesn’t really need it since you can’t make it cool faster after the charge shot

Thats my post, if there is anything you agree or feel needs changing ya should talk about it <3

absolutely not…sorry but how do they accurately do that? no…we dont need starting weapons that are purposely inaccurate and these maps simpy are not that big. no

no thanks…the game is magnetically locking onto the other player lol…that isn’t skill and if both hit that button then that is a trade…deal with it in my imo. or take out the magical speed burst and auto lock on…otherwise there is no way for you to tell me you were more skilled in the way you smacked me.

all the non human weapons are terrible imo so do whatever you with them lol…or just take them out the game…

  1. with programming, you can literally build code to have it a set distance and also making a gun that is the all round best weapon is kinda defeating the point of having different types of weapons

  2. then dont make it that, apex had a massive problem of people being able to lock on with meleeing and just made landing near any squad impossible to fight, and thats not really a option or a critique dude

  3. did you read anything else or just home in on the other stuff? It kinda feels like you just read the ones you saw first and just didn’t really have anything to put in???

  1. It isn’t a matter of programming…I do not want a weapon that just magically loses it’s accuracy for no reason. Again, these maps aren’t that big. Why wouldn’t the gun keep most of it’s accuracy?
    Just seems illogical and meant to destroy the weapon and why wouldn’t be want the basic rifle to be the all round best weapon? ahahahaha what else would we bring into a battlefield?
    The pickups are meant to enhance but at a cost…not just dominate whatever we started with and force us to have to pick something else up.
    That is beyond irritating in every game implemented.
    The pickups should cater to an alternative style…I.E more distance or power but with a catch…meaning longer reloads or rate of fire etc.
    not just make us want to drop what is in our hands.
    sorry but I seriously dont want that.
  2. Exactly!!! that tactic is nonsense and simply shouldnt be in there…it is dated and people just wont let it go. Make it so you actually need to hit the person yourself OR let the trade stand. SO YES THAT ACTUALLY WAS A LEGITIMATE CRITIQUE DUDE.
  3. The others things you listed just dont bother me as much. The spawning is ok but on certain maps I see the flaw…doesn’t mean I don’t care or think it is perfect.
    Just because I dont agree with you doesn’t mean I dont have anyting to put in…my put in was that I dont want what you want on those first two.
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would there be anything you would change or think you would do instead? just wanting some ideas is all

yes but you might not like it.
I always preferred Gears of War over Halo. I prefer Titanfall over Halo etc.
I can’t stand DELAYS or artificial restrictions.
Ruined Gears and ruined Halo imo.
I get people don’t want fast run and gun or what they call simply COD style and neither do I as cod is one of my least enjoyed games.
But there is a reason it is popular…it is FLUID.

There are artificial delays everywhere.
Delays to switching weapons
Delays to throwing grenades
movement delays
You can’t even jump and toss a grenade without the game feeling like it is penalizing the player. Literally you character will be on the decline before the nade releases…it is too slow and restrictive.

I am not asking for cod gameplay at all…just remove the artificial restrictions.
It makes the game feel like a chore.
Same reason I dislike Battlefield.
I want to be able to move.

Halo 5 was the best multiplayer imo for this reason.
The restrictions were gone.

Lessen the amount of grenades. Everyone starting with 2 nades is overkill to me(halo fans will bash dont care) I find it lame. Again, I come from Gears. One set of nades on the map maybe two is generally how gears plays.
This is a nade fest.

Get rid of all the alien weapons(not happening/kind of joking lol) or greatly improve them as I refuse to even touch them
The needler has zero place in multiplayer and is basically the smart pistol from titanfall but everyone is ok with it because…it’s halo etc

Bring back thrusters and balance…now instead of everyone having thrusters only one or two people are zipping around the map = unbalance gameplay etc.
Basicallly modernize it but then people will say that is what ruined halo…but it wasn’t…the community did.
We couldn’t even get these people to accept the ability to run…because they want everything to penalize you.
I get it.
Think about the map/players etc. before you move but it is more than that.

You can’t truly outplay multiple people correctly.
As soon as you finish a kill you must reload…which wouldn’t be an issue except your shields are so low…how do you properly engage the next?
I get people saying don’t put yourself in that position but I just don’t like that for the flow of the game.
It is too stiff.

I can play it but it just doesn’t feel as good.

Add more game modes immediately.
If not bringing back warzone from Halo 5 then something with more going on in the map would be enjoyable as well.

I like the game but it just feels like a step backwards…which I know many of the old school fans want…I am just not one of them.
I felt the modernization was needed but am more than willing to play this style if that is what the majority of thhe fans want…as I do like the game.

and…BTB needs a serious overhaul. I don’t like waiting on vehicles to drop out of the sky…etc.
I could probably go on but let me know what you think or can’t stand lol.

oh and i greatly dislike ranked with only BR starts. I really would like the pistol added back in.