Things That Should Be Added in Halo 5's Forge

Over the last 3 iterations of forge we’ve seen major improvements to the editing tool. Most recently, Halo 2 anniversary added a highly demanded scripting tool and added improved looks for all forge pieces. In Halo 5, we need some major new tools and options. This will be a list of my personal opinion of what should be added in Halo 5 Forge. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

-Copying and pasting. One of the most tedious things in forge is making a perfect symmetrical map. Having the option to select a portion of a map, copy it, and then paste it would drastically reduce forging times. We should also be able to take these copies and save them so we could- take them to another map with us. Its would be helpful if you have a certain way of building your maps or just eliminate the need to go back and forth between maps trying to remember the layout of a certain structure. One of the d-pad buttons would serve as a way to mark things to be copied in a certain color, like purple.

-Lighting schemes. We should have the ability to change the light level on maps. Say for instance you wanted to make a map that was at night, you could change the light level of that map to low and, bam it’s done. This way you could achieve the perfect theme for any map.

-Weather. In addition to light levels, changing the weather would also help set the theme of maps. For example, a 3 tired system of light rain, heavy rain and then storm. Or perhaps even snow.

-Vehicle wrecks. Have you ever wanted to make a map with wrecked Banshees or Hornets scattering the ground to give a map a “War torn” theme? If we had the ability to spawn in wrecked version of vehicles like Banshees, Hornets, Pelicans, Warthogs, etc.

-Large scale Vehicles. One of the long time wishes of forgers and players alike is the ability to spawn in Pelicans and Phantoms, and now that the Xbox One is here I think the time to do this is now. Even though the main focus of Halo 5 is small arena type game-play, one of the most defining things in Halo is its vehicular combat and larger scale maps. I hope to see maps that support large battles with pelicans and phantoms and possibly even Mammoths and Liches. I know that there were community mods for Halo 3 to have scarab battles in Halo 3 so if they could do it in Halo 3 I’m sure it’s doable now. Maps like forge island and the original Forge world were perfect sizes for this

-Music. Finally, the last idea is the ability to have music playing in the background of our maps like in certain parts of muliplayer games in Halo 4 and some in Halo reach. This would again be for the theme of the map. There should be a tool where you could look through all the tracks in the game and select one to be played during the game on that map. Also, there should be an order in which tracks are played. Like 1, then 3, then 8, then 2. (Numbers represent certain tracks, yes I know how to count)

Thanks for taking time to hear my opinion. If you like these ideas, share them with other Halo fans!