Things that require 343 attention in some way

This is a list of things that 343 either needs to fix or should (for the benefit of the community) acknowledge, in my opinion. If I think of anything else, I’ll add it.

Connection to servers suddenly disappearing for no reason, mostly (for me) during Forge or customizing my Spartan

Forge/Custom Games (both technically)
Capturing more than three Stronghold points will completely crash the game.

Bookmarking game recordings only works as long as the game recording is still in your Recent Films list, and therefore there is no way to save recordings of games without using a third party recording program/software/whatever the term is, I don’t know, I just play the game.

Map Rotation
There’s currently four maps for Warzone and I seem to get March on Stormbreak more than any other (could be just me and purely coincidental, but yesterday I certainly did play on Stormbreak more than any other map)

General Annoyances
I can put all of my weapon ammo into an enemy in Warzone and someone else on my team gets the commendation credit while I get nothing.

Game Modes
Infection is the most wanted and talked about game mode we don’t have, and there has been nothing said about it at all

REQ items are unavailable, and while they have been mentioned/referenced once or twice, nothing truly official has been said.