Things that really need to change

Hey guys i love halo since combat evolved but this chnaged since halo 4
Some things just really have to be changed
My list:

1.Custom loadout, have to be changed to normal loadout like in halo reach

2.Over powered splatter, Splatter damge really has to be reduced

3.Bullet flinch, Change it to zooming out again plz plz plz really hating this one

4.Lag, I don’t know why but with no game on xbox/pc i have any internet lag,
In halo 4 it happens and it is really annoying

5.Join in progress, Maybe some kind of option so you can set if you dont care to join an inprogress game or if you dont want to

6.Under powered vehicles, With the new custom loadouts you can set plasma pistol as standard weapon so just one oveloaded shot and the tank is gone

7.Weapon spawn, Weapons have to spawn on the map on standard places

8.Over powered melee?, I tried it with a friend and if im right you can shoot a
guy 2 times with a dmr/lightrifle/br and then melee him and he is dead.
I think the shield must be completly down in order to kill him with a melee hit.

Well i think this are the thing i really think have to be changed,
If you have something else to add just say it, But don’t hate on 343 they are doing there best.

(Plz Don’t mind my bad english)

While agree that halo needs to return to its roots, I doubt any TU could do it. You say you want vehicles buffed, but don’t want loadouts. The problem is, we have a piece of -Yoink- sandbox. Get caught by a vehicle with out the double plasma loadout, and you will find that they are so OP. Its sad that halo has become rock-paper-scissors I know.

Even if we got a major overhaul that restored classic halo, we wud be left with these ott crap maps that where designed for the current sandbox.

You know, after being on this forum for so long, every time I read “I LOVED HALO SINCED DA FERST WON!”, I lose a little bit of my sanity…

But yes, this game needs tweaks here and there, it’s a diamond covered in crap, you’ve heard it before…

But we all know that the majority of the things that could be changed to improve this rather muddled game, won’t be…

So let’s all just pray for Grifball and hide until it surfaces…