Things that need to be removed in multiplayer.


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> Medals such as ‘snapshot’ and ‘distraction’ need to go, it’s ironic how the distraction medal itself is actually pretty distracting. These are really pointless medals, i don’t want to no-scope someone and hear ‘snapshot’ every single time. it’s not rewarding and it gets old.
> There are also medals that just don’t need to be vocalised, such as ‘from the grave’ and i am pretty sure they even vocalised ‘overshield’ in H2a which is really lame and just adds to the list of pointless vocal pop ups in game. I understand that 343 are aware of the medals being pointless, which is great news.
> Music towards the end of the game needs to go, it adds nothing to the game other than taking me off focus and making me anxious. I no doubt think the point of the music is to create suspicion and hype because it’s nearly the end of the match, but it really just doesn’t have a place in Halo, maybe in Battlefield, but not Halo multiplayer.
> Assault Rifle starts and OP pistol needs to go, or at least be a lesser game mode like standard slayer from H3, why do i hear no-one talk about this? why do 343i glorify the Assault Rifle so much, and the pistol? they say that they want to bring Halo back to its roots by making the magnum the main weapon of choice, but i personally think that is a dumb idea considering the only reason the Halo CE magnum was op was because it was broken. Just give us the Battle Rifle, preferably the Halo 2 variant.
> I don’t mind carrying an AR on my back like Halo 3, but even then, all it does is allow players to come out of no where, walk directly towards me and spam me with their AR, melee me and kill me. Just give us Team Slayer BR and another Slayer with Assault Rifle starts to make everyone happy.
> A huge feature that needs to go is the spartan abilities, this is an obvious one and there’s countless people explaining this in full, but to conclude, they are lazy mechanics that are clearly inspired by other games, it feels so withdrawn from actual Halo multiplayer when you’re in a gun fight with someone and they can just run away or thrust away from the action. And how you can just get pummelled by someone charging into you, it’s such an annoying thing to witness and they need to go.
> Halo was already succeeding from its multiplayer in Halo 1, 2 and 3. and it started to decline from Reach, then Halo 4, then Halo 5. To sum up why, it’s because they gave us sprint, they took our Battle Rifle, they added fully being able to scope in, bloom, and much more. I could ramble on. You can find many articles and videos on things that don’t need to be in Halo Multiplayer. But I just wanted to share a few things that are irrelevant to the Halo i know and many of us love.

u complain about people walking towards you and melleeing you well that will happen with a br its actually got a name when done with a br its called bxr. snapshots not a pointless medal however distraction is and a few other ones.keep thrusters no spartan abilites