Things that need to be nerfed & changed in MP

The Manits(Mech)- I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate the map Ragnorok. Because all it is, who can control the Mantis the best. NO MATTER WHAT GAME TYPE IT Is! Whoever has the better Mantis control will win. It does way to much, it has way to much health. It takes more then 2 spartan lasers to kill it. It’s nearly impossible to board it.

The Binary Rifle- This is personally my favorite gun in the game. But I fell like its a little to strong. I mean you get like 6 shots in the gun. And the Binary Rifle is a 1 SK. That means I can get up to like 6 kills easily. I feel like it should have less ammo in its clip.

Instant re-spawn- This by far is the dumbest thing! Does it really hurt that much to put in a 2-3 second spawn delay? I mean I’ll 1v1 a guy kill him, have him re-spawn and kill me since my shields are still down from me killing him. The instant re-spawn is really dumb, especially since the maps are pretty small. And it only takes about 5 shots in the head to kill you. Just add a 2-3 second spawn delay, its really not that hard to do.

Thrust Armor Ability- This ability has so much potential, but how far you go in it really makes it almost about useless. I’m not asking for like a huge change on the thrust. Just make it so you move like an extra frame or two. Or make it where its the same range but a little less like it is in campaign. But to get that max range you have to hold X instead of just pressing it. The longer you hold the farther you go till you hit the max range on it.

I agree the mantis could use some tweaking but I don’t see it as a game changer. Just use the river and hill as cover and plasma pistol it. Then take it out. Works well for me.

Instant respawn has hurt objective games faaar too much. The mantis actually balances out ragnarok ctf considering how fast enemies keep respawning. Competitively pulling a flag requires your whole team to push the front and you risk your map control.

I like how the mantis puts the banshee in less of a power position. And without proper support it’s really easy to kill it,

I believe the Binary Rifle should have a 1 bullet clip, i believe that would be cool

Theres also another issue with the Binary Rifle. When the host migrates the Binary Rifle doesnt give off the the targeting lines. Thats a big problem. Ive had/seen it happen 15 times.