Things that need to be fixed

Maybe this seems nit-picky, but compared to Halo 3, this infinite is a huge step backwards. You’ve added some really cool stuff, brought back things that we like, but then ruined some key things that make Halo what it is, great! Take it or leave it, but these are my issues so far with the beta:
-The BR has been nerfed… It used to be the best weapon in the game and now it, well, sucks! No point using it at all.
-The AR is severely over powered. A non-precision weapon should not kill that easily.
-Seems like the vehicles are made of paper mache.
-Why don’t you get any in game currency in the battle pass? Most games with this season pass offer in game currency when you purchase the full battle pass.
-Too many little, insignificant items in battle pass. Just make one full uniform drop, not ten little ones. That’s ridiculous.
-Make new armor types! Why do they all look basically the same? Give some variety.
-Better color shaders… More variety. They are all like the same few colors, just mixed up differently.
-Why is melee with the flag or oddball no longer a one hit kill? That’s dumb.
-Hammer radius is way too huge!
-Rockets radius way too small!
-Warthog gunner rotates very slow.
-When you board an enemy tank and plant a grenade, why does it not destroy the tank?
-Radar doesn’t always work. Guys who aren’t crouching or invisible will appear out of nowhere, didn’t see them on radar.
Lots of great additions to the game, so take my suggestions or leave it… Just my two cents.